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Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 12: Seattle Mariners 4 @ Colorado Rockies 6

We got to the ballpark not long before the gates opened two hours before the game. More on what we did this morning later. Right before they were to open the gates for the game it started to rain and they let us in and corralled us in the stairwell/elevator area before taking our tickets. We then were let up into the park, but they really only open the bleacher section 2 hours before the game for batting practice, which there was none of since it was pouring by this time. We just waited a half hour for the main concourse to open and go to the Team Shop before going to our seats.

By the time we got to our seats the rain had stopped and the sun came out again. There were a few sprinkles during the game, but mostly pretty good. As soon as we got back to the car, though, it started raining steadily again. Good thing it did not go to the bottom of the 9th or we would have been walking back to the car in the rain or waiting it out with Mik probably yelling at the stadium. Both ends of the game came close to a rain delay, but we got lucky and totally avoided that at least for one more game.

The game was pretty exciting with the Mariners taking an early lead and then the Rockies slowly battling back to go ahead and end up winning. It was also nice to see the Rockies starting pitcher go all nine innings. The past three games of our trip we have seen the Rockies win and the Rockies themselves are on a really hot streak now having 9 wins in a row. Mik kind of wanted them to lose since their hot streak has put them ahead of the Dbacks, but as far as the trip goes he is always happier for the game to end faster and hence the Rockies winning without needing a bottom of the 9th was just as good. I was kind of rooting for the Rockies just because I do not really care about the Mariners and the Rockies were the home team this time. Of course, I liked them beating the Cardinals and Brewers, too, since those teams are in the Cubs division.

Now it is still raining as we are driving back to the KOA. Boy is it nice we have a kabin tonight, too. Hitting the road for Kansas City tomorrow. I am looking forward to Sunday and going to a game that the Rockies are not playing at. It is getting a little boring seeing them when they are not one of our favorite teams. Although, they do spring train at one of my favorite ballparks (Hi Corbett in Tucson)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Accessibility Review: Safeco Field

Parking for Safeco Field was easy to find in the parking lot for Qwest Field (where the city’s NFL team plays) across the street from Safeco. The handicap spots were even located on the side of the parking lot nearest the park, although you do have to take the elevator down a level to be on street level to get to the park. That is a minor inconvenience, as it seemed few actually parked in this lot and the garage has the large passenger elevators.

Our seats were located in section 194, which is part of the centerfield bleachers. We were lined up to go in the gate near our section and about 10 minutes before the park opened to the general public they had us go around to the nearby gate that bypassed the turnstiles. The elevator to the centerfield bleachers handicap seating is then right inside the gate by the stairs that lead up to the seating. Thus getting to the section was quite easy and actually even quite close to the car with that entrance to the park being right across the street from the elevators for the parking garage. The Team Shop, however, was on the other side of the park, but we were there early and took care of that before the park opened like we have done at many of the parks.

The seats in the centerfield bleachers were clearly the cheap seats with the handicap seating literally being right under the scoreboard and actually slightly behind the raised scoreboard. That and they were way high up almost like nosebleed seats, but not quite as high as some of the sections on the baselines. At least the sightlines were not messed up at all and not even by a bar in front of the handicap seating. Mik, however, did not like the seats because we were so high up and the next row was even several feet below us. This might not have been the best, but it seemed the ones in the lower sections probably had the overhang sightline issue that we have so far only encountered at Dodger Stadium, so the more expensive seats are not always the best, especially when it comes to handicap seating being at the back of sections.

There were no cup holders in the handicap bleacher section, but there were not any in the other bleacher section rows either, so Mik at least did not feel left out. However, I do not think he would go for these high seats again if it was his choice.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Safeco Field

Like at pretty much every game so far Mik started his eating at Safeco Field with a hot dog. He rates it one of the better ones he has had on the trip so far. By the way he got a hot dog at a gas station in Montana on the way to Bismark and he said it was the only hot dog worse was the Dodger Dog at least so far.

Dad found a Japanese food place and got me Summer Rolls, which turned out to be okay, but they were mostly filled with lettuce and were very skimpy on the shrimp to the point it almost seemed liked it really was just lettuce. They also came with a spicy sauce that was actually quite flavorless. At that place he also got me some edamame, which was as good as usual, although it would have been nice with some salt. Mik tried the edamame and thought it was too boring and tasteless.

About midway through the game I sent Dad to get Shiskaberries (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick). Dad got this for me and I just had Mik hold it so I could take a photo. At first he said I needed to make sure I noted that he did not actually eat it, but then he ended up being too tempted and had to try it. He through the chocolate was too much and overpowered the strawberries, but that did not keep him for continuing to eye it as I ate it and having several more bites.

The last thing we had at the game was Tropical Tye Dye Dippin Dots. Mik thought it tasted too much like kiwi, which he dislikes, and only had one bite. I thought it mostly tasted like orange. I thought it was good, but rainbow ice is still my favorite Dippin Dot flavor.

Kj's Baseball Collection: Safeco Field

Finally at the Mariners game I got another ballpark baseball for my collection. There were several other interesting balls including a Ken Griffey Jr and one that was colorful and had baseball terms on it like safe, strike, out, etc. Since they actually had a Safeco Field one, though, that is the one I choose. It is a similar look to the one from Dodger Stadium, but it has a better view being of the infield rather than the outfield. It also has the S logo on one side and the circle Mariners logo on the other.

Mik's Mini Bat Collection: Mariners Logos

The mini bat selection at the Mariners was pretty good. Mik ended up choosing one that has the three different Mariners logos on it. It includes the S logo, the Mariners logo, and the circle Seattle Mariners logo. It has a natural wood finish.

Car Stickers Update: Seattle Mariners

The sticker options were pretty sad at the Mariners. Most had players on them and that just would not do with the logo theme. We ended up settling on a white Mariners logo one. It is way bigger than all the other team ones. Actually, probably takes up the same amount of space as the four stickers currently on the National League side. At least the American League has two less teams than the National League. We just hope we do not have to settle for too many more big ones. Tomorrow with a sticker from the Twins game the sides will be even for the first time and the American League will end up ahead for the first time after the White Sox game on Friday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smashed Pennies: Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners have a penny machine in their Main Team Shop. It had the normal amount of four designs to choose from. Since this is a ballpark trip I choose the one that says Safeco Field. Mik choose one of the Seattle Mariners logo ones for his collection.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Game 7: Baltimore Orioles 1 @ Seattle Mariners 0

Tonight's game was quite quick with a game time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Our seats were decent, although up high at the top of the bleachers in section 194. Not much to say about the game as not much action with only one run by the Orioles (Dad and I were rooting for the home team since we are not American League fans besides me liking the Angels).

The only kind of interesting thing was the Orioles #10 breaking his bat three times. He broke a bat in each of his first three at bats and only did not break one in his fourth and final at bat. I have never seen more than one broken bat in a game much less one guy break three separate bats in one game. What a waste if you ask me.

Might not sound like it was exciting, but it was still an enjoyable game. Mik was well behaved even though the sun made it impossible to play his MLB PSP game. He actually even watched some of the game and he was happy as he was the one rooting for the Orioles.

We are now on the way back to the campground. Tomorrow we plan to get up at 5am to pack up the tent and hit the road by 6am. Staying at campground in Bismark tomorrow.

P.S. Mik said I need to post he got new cargo pants yesterday (not sure if I mentioned in yesterday's shopping post or not) and he wanted Mom to know. He wore then today and they are comfy. He was having a pants problem because Dad only packed him jeans and they were both itchy uncomfy pairs. He has some sweats, but with the cold weather games and him being an Arizona boy he needed another pair of pants so we were not constantly doing laundry.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Game 5: Seattle Mariners 3 @ Oakland Athletics 4

Even though we stopped at the grocery store before the game, we still were there three hours before the game. We parked close to the stadium right by one of the entrances in the handicap parking and then walked around the McAfee Coliseum a little. Near the "front" we found the Coliseum Circle World Champions, which is an interesting circle with plaques commemorating the years the Oakland Athletics won the World Series, the Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl, and the Warriors NBA Champions. The three teams all play in this sports complex area with the Raiders and Athletics sharing the Coliseum and the Warriors playing next door in the Oracle.

The gates finally opened about an hour and a half before the game and we headed to the bleacher section to claim seats. Not that it turned out to be a problem, as there was plenty of wheelchair seating and there ended up being no other wheelchair people. However, there really was only one spot with a place to put Mik and still be able to both sit with him, so it only took one other person getting their first to ruin the companion seating option. There was a guy catching a lot of the balls hit into the bleacher section during batting practice and he gave Mik one of the balls. Mik already has some real MLB balls and he says I can put it in my collection from the trip. Yes, he really can be sweet at times and actually has also been quite well behaved the past few days.

The Mariners took an early lead with two runs in the first. Then it the game went quite quickly until it got to the 7th when the Mariners scored another run. Then in the bottom of the 7th it was exciting with the Athletics scoring four runs to give them a lead and batting through the order exactly. The last inning and a half also went quickly. A nice quick game with an exciting finish with the home team winning, which works for us as we really had no attachment to either team so just sort of rooted for the home team.

Now we are on the road to the campground and will probably get there around 10:40pm. We then have to set up the tent, but at least we have stuff for breakfast already and we do not have to leave to go see the Jelly Belly factory before the Giants game until 10am.