Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 76: Final Day Group Photo with National League Side of Car

Before we left Texas for the final drive home we had Mom take a photo of Mik, Dad, and me in front of the National League side of the car as our end of trip group photo. We choose the National League side to pose by partially because the final team was in the National League. The main reason, though, was that all our favorite teams are in the National League. Mik threw his last fit of the trip because we made him be in the photo, but it was worth it to get him in the photo, so we have one of our few group photos of the trip.

Day 75: Texas Wendish Heritage Museum

On August 2, 2009, Mom and I went with one of the friends we were visiting in Texas to see the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum. Dad had gone out to see it the day before, so he just stayed with Mik so we did not have to drag him along. Our visit consisted of seeing four buildings.

We started at the church, which still has an active congregation. The building is not all that spectacular outside, but inside it is beautiful. I love all the blue in the church. The pillars are also interesting because they are wood, but they are painted to look like they are marble.

The first museum building we went into was the kitchen that they make the Wendish noodles in. They had the eggs laid out because they work better if they are room temperature and the next day was noodle making day.

The second building was part of the main museum. They have a genealogy library and a gift shop along with the exhibit in this building. One of the most interesting things in my opinion was the display on the different ways they make decorative eggs.

The last building we went into has items set up on display to show different settings with items donated from Wendish families that immigrated to Texas and their descendents. There are settings like a child’s room, a couple’s bedroom, a store, and a schoolhouse (by the way this was part of what the building these exhibits are in used to be). One of the older things is a black wedding dress from the 1879.

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Royer’s Round Top Texas

As part of our weekend stop to visit friends in Texas we went to lunch on August 2, 2009, as Royer’s in Round Top, Texas. Mik enjoyed a chocolate chip pie there. He loved the pie, as it is a lot like chocolate chip cookie dough. Plus, with the ice cream on top it is really like his favorite ice cream flavor (chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream). He did not finish because he got full, but he really did enjoy it. He also had two buns before the pie came, which he obviously liked because he had the second sneakily stealing it as the last one in the basket for the table.

Car Sticker Update: Lion Country Safari

The final bumper sticker we put on the car was the one for Lion Country Safari. We technically went before the Marlins game, but we actually bought it the day before going on the safari and then did not remember to put it on until the day after we went on the safari. The sticker has the Lion Country Safari logo and then an image of several of the animals they have at the safari.

Car Sticker Update: KOA

At the last KOA we got a bumper sticker and cut off the name of the particular KOA (West Palm Beach). Since we spent most of the trip staying at KOAs it seemed appropriate to add the KOA logo sticker to the back window of the car.

Car Sticker Update: Florida Marlins

The final team logo sticker to represent us visiting all 30 MLB ballparks this summer was the Florida Marlins. The sticker for the Marlins is the Marlin fish logo. Dad put it up after we got it at the Team Shop and before the game. After the game Dad and I took photos of each of us in front of it, but Mik would not pose. I did finally get one with him five days later and will be posting that after a few other posts.