Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mik's Mini Ballplayer Collection: Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes FigureLast week at the Dbacks game I got Mik a LEGO style mini figurine of Ian Kennedy because I thought it would be fun for his miniature collection.  Well, apparently this is a new thing for more than just the Dbacks, as at the Marlins game I spotted some Marlins ones and he ended up getting a Jose Reyes one.  They sure are expensive at $14.99 a piece, but since we are not actually going to any more ballparks this year I let him start a Mini Ballplayer Collection that he can slowly build over the years if they keep making more series of them or he can just end up with the two being cool additions to his overall miniature collection (mainly mini bats and miniature landmarks of the world).