Sunday, June 14, 2009

Game 13: Cincinnati Reds 1 @ Kansas City Royals 7

We got to the Kauffman Stadium about two hours before game time, but the gates to the outfield area were already open. The outfield area has the kid's entertainment stuff including a mini golf course, although we did not try it because I did not feel like even figuring out how much the tokens to play cost. They also have an enclosed room with Xbox 360s to play MLB 2K9, so Mik and I went in there a little while Dad made the baseball card with him on it.

By the time we walked over to the area on the third base side where the team shop is the rest of the park was open. After a quick go through of the team shop to get the usual souvenirs we tracked down the elevator and headed to our seats. I really doubt you can have a bad seat here, as it is designed without the high seats in the outfield. Besides as long as you are not in the little sections under the scoreboard you can get a great view of it and boy is it big.

The game started off sloppily with the Reds getting 2 errors in the first two innings and the Royals getting one in the first, which allowed the runner on base that ended up scoring the only run for the Reds. From there though there was not much in terms of batting or pitching from the Reds. The Royals pitcher did not go all the way, but he threw a decent game with 0 earned runs. The Reds starting pitcher was out by the 7th, but not without going over or at least close to 100 pitches. The Royals mostly singled, but they did get one 2-run homer and a double or two and one triple. The Reds did get a few hits scattered in the game, but never really even got into position to score. Overall good game, but boy did it clear up to be a hot and humid afternoon game.

Day 26: Failed Attempt to Go to Negro Leagues Museum

This morning for once Dad was ready to go early. Sure when it ends up not counting at all he can manage it. Perhaps because he learned from the other day that in the rushed leaving the cabin he left his computer and camera with his backpack at the kabin and then did not have it all day when we were seeing the Train Tour and Game 12. Anyways we were out of the KOA in Kansas City by 8am this morning and at the museum 30 minutes before we planned to be.

The plan was to go to the Negro Leagues Museum before the Kansas City Royals game this afternoon. When I made the time schedule for the trip back in late April/early May the website said it was closed on Monday the day I originally planned for us to see it and I am certain it also said 9am to 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Well, now it is or perhaps it has always been 12pm to 6pm. Thus we did not go this morning and instead are hanging out at a nearby Panera Bread before the game. We are hoping to go to it after the game, which we are hoping involves no rain delays/postponements as the weather looks yucky yet again.

Accessibility Review: Coors Field

Coors Field may be accessible, but we seemed to have the luck of finding the bad parts to it. First of all we did not park in the field’s parking because we had been downtown since the morning and got all day parking for only $6. When we headed to the field we found out they only open two gates two hours before the game and so we headed to the one near Gate A. We ended up having to go down a bunch of steps as we walked around the park to get to that gate. It turns out that gate is right next to their very large handicap parking lot, so at least if you do park there you are next to the gate that you can go in early. However, at the end of the game we ended up stuck being let out at that level and found out you cannot get to the other side of the field without going up the steps or back into the park to level on the main concourse level. At least they did not mind letting us back in to get to the main concourse to go the direction we needed to go.

Our seats were in section 305. The section has sight line issues that cause you to not be able to see deep right field and some of deep centerfield. At times we could not even see the right fielder because they were playing deep. Also, it seems that must be where the bullpens are located because we sure could not see them from our seats. At least we had a good view of the scoreboard and the bar in front of the section was not too high. Of course, Mik was happy enough with their being cup holders up at his reaching height.

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Coors Field

Mik decided to go with something different this time and skipped the hot dogs all together at Coors Field. Instead he just tried the sliders and fries. He really enjoyed the mini burgers and finished them up pretty quickly. He then only ate about half the fries. He liked the fries, but by the time he got to them he was full from the sliders. I could not even tempt him to try a bite of my butter tornado pretzel, although he really was not missing much since again it was a pretzel that needed salt, but at least the dough was very gourmet.

Day 24: Disney Christmas Carol Train Tour and Hanging Out in Denver

Back on Memorial Day we tried to see the Disney Christmas Carol Train Tour in Los Angeles, but we did not have the time to wait four hours to see it because we had the Angels game that night. Friday, June 12, 2009 was its first day of its weekend stop at Union Station in Denver, Colorado. Even though the Rockies game was a night game we decided to head into Denver early to for sure see the train this time and then just hang out until it was time to go to the game.

We got to Denver’s Union Station around 8:30am and had to wait for it to open at 9am, but once it opened we pretty much went right on the train. I had to wait for Dad and Mik to go around to a ramp up to the platform and then we were slowed down again waiting for his turn to be brought up on the hand-cranked lift. The ramp thing was kind of annoying because they would not let me go with them and then when I got up to the platform no one could tell me where to stand and wait for Mik and Dad to come up.

The Christmas Carol Train Tour starts by boarding the train and walking through some train cars with exhibits about the making of Disney’s animated 3D movie Christmas Carol that is coming out in November 2009. The exhibits also included some of Chares Dicken’s original manuscripts, etc. on loan from the Charles Dicken’s Museum in London, which I have actually been to. Anyways the exhibits were pretty cool. Some of the stuff is things you often see as bonus features on DVD releases, such as concept art and video clips of the actors talking about the making of the movie, but it was a much cooler atmosphere to see these things.

For one, the Concept Art was shown on screens in photo frames and the scenes slowly changed. Secondly, there was actual models on display, such as the maquettes and models for several of the characters and Big Ben. Lastly there was a display of actual volume space the actors act in to create the 3D animation very realistically.

After going through the train there is a blow up theater building that shows a preview of the Christmas Carol movie. The preview is in 3D just like the movie is going to be available in. The preview included the scene of Scrooge at his office and the ghost of Jacob Marley visiting Scrooge. The 3D is pretty amazing and while the story has been done in movie format many times, this does seem like a very worthwhile remake due to making it 3D.

The train tour was very worth going to. It might have been worth 4 hours in L.A. if we had had the time, but I am glad we were able to do it Denver. It was certainly worth it when we did not have to wait at all.

After the train tour we went to a nearby coffee shop and Mik watched shows on my computer while Dad and I just hung out. We then went to an afternoon movie at a nearby theater after finally convincing Mik that it was better than sitting at the coffee shop any longer. We went and saw Disney’s Up in 3D. It was not that great, but the 3D was interesting and it was way better than sitting around at the coffee shop waiting for it to be game time. Also, we ended up finding the Hard Rock and I got a pin for my Hard Rock CafĂ© collection. I know if I had planned I could have gotten a lot of them on the trip, but I did not budget for them and it is kind of more fun when we just happen upon them instead of trying to fit them in.