Sunday, June 14, 2009

Game 13: Cincinnati Reds 1 @ Kansas City Royals 7

We got to the Kauffman Stadium about two hours before game time, but the gates to the outfield area were already open. The outfield area has the kid's entertainment stuff including a mini golf course, although we did not try it because I did not feel like even figuring out how much the tokens to play cost. They also have an enclosed room with Xbox 360s to play MLB 2K9, so Mik and I went in there a little while Dad made the baseball card with him on it.

By the time we walked over to the area on the third base side where the team shop is the rest of the park was open. After a quick go through of the team shop to get the usual souvenirs we tracked down the elevator and headed to our seats. I really doubt you can have a bad seat here, as it is designed without the high seats in the outfield. Besides as long as you are not in the little sections under the scoreboard you can get a great view of it and boy is it big.

The game started off sloppily with the Reds getting 2 errors in the first two innings and the Royals getting one in the first, which allowed the runner on base that ended up scoring the only run for the Reds. From there though there was not much in terms of batting or pitching from the Reds. The Royals pitcher did not go all the way, but he threw a decent game with 0 earned runs. The Reds starting pitcher was out by the 7th, but not without going over or at least close to 100 pitches. The Royals mostly singled, but they did get one 2-run homer and a double or two and one triple. The Reds did get a few hits scattered in the game, but never really even got into position to score. Overall good game, but boy did it clear up to be a hot and humid afternoon game.

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