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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Backyard Baseball 2009 for Nintendo Wii

I tried this game out today and thought it would be something good baseball related to post about on this blog, as I do not have any updates to the trip planning at this time.

I am not much into playing baseball video games because I find them too complex, especially on most console gaming systems, however, I have been a fan of Backyard Baseball for years. I used to play it on my computer, but stopped when the version I had no longer worked on my newer operating system. When I saw the Wii version it seemed like it could be an interesting way to play it.

It was fun for a little while, but it is not as good as the computer versions I have played. The graphics are not any better after all these years and the Major League player selection continues to disappoint me even though it has gotten better. The one thing I do like is the controls have remained relatively simple. The thing is, though, that it does not use the Wii sensor capabilities much at all. You do not even swing it like your batting, but rather just flick it in the same motion as pitching.

Overall it is more enjoyable than Wii Sports Baseball, as you actually get to control your fielding and there are some fun batting and pitching power ups. It is, however, not all that amazing and only worth actually purchasing if you find it for under $20. I for one I am glad I just rented it and did not buy it. I think the computer versions of this game remain great, but their move to the console has yet to create a parallel quality playing experience.