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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Car Stickers Update: Field of Dreams

We finally have a non-MLB ballpark sticker on the car. We had been hoping to have a sticker on there by now from Disneyland or the National Park, but the Field of Dreams was the first place we found one to put on the back of the car. It is a blue bumper sticker style one with the words Field of Dreams Dyersville, Iowa.

Kj's Baseball Collection: Field of Dreams Signed by Owner

They had the Field of Dreams souvenir baseballs as is or for a few dollars more signed by Don Lansing, who owns the land the Field of Dreams movie set is located. I chose the slightly more expensive version because it is kind of cool that it is signed. It is an actual signature, too, and not those fake ones you get on the souvenir balls at many of the ballparks that have the year's roster supposedly signing it.

Mik's Mini Bat Collection: Field of Dreams

At the Field of Dreams they had a black or natural color as the choices for the mini bats. Mik refused to get out of the car, but he did eagerly make the choice between the two options when I asked him. He went with the natural one, which he tends to lean towards often. The mini bat has a pretty simple design that says Field of Dreams Dyersville, Iowa in black lettering.

Day 22: Field of Dreams

Today on the way to Denver we took about an hour and a half detour to go by the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. It was not a long stop, but it is was worth it. Mik has been in full pill mode again and has been complaining about stopping here ever since we rescheduled it from Sunday to today. We just let him stay in the car since it was not worth his complaining to make him see it.

The field is not much, but it is kept like the movie and the house in the movie can be seen from the outside. The only real difference was the corn was currently not high due to the time of year. Mik actually noticed this from the car and thought they no longer grew corn and that ruined the whole thing, but the corn is there just not high yet. They also had a good gift shop where we were able to get a mini bat, a souvenir baseball, a postcard, and a sticker for the back of the car.

Overall a short stop, but it was worth going out of our way and finding a way to put it back in the plan. However, I think it might not have been as good if we went more out of the way to see it from St. Louis to Chicago than the way we ended up doing it.