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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Car Sticker Update: KOA

At the last KOA we got a bumper sticker and cut off the name of the particular KOA (West Palm Beach). Since we spent most of the trip staying at KOAs it seemed appropriate to add the KOA logo sticker to the back window of the car.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 70: KOA Table Cloth Map with All the Ballparks Route

Since the beginning of July we have been getting KOA Picnic Tablecloths at every KOA because we are VIP members. They are really useful because they have elastic to fit onto the table and avoid the need for tablecloth clips. The really cool part, though is that it is a map of the United States and Canada with all the KOA locations. At every place we have used them Dad has been drawing the route of our trip up to the KOA we are at. Now we are at our final KOA and I thought I should share the final one he will probably do. It shows the whole route we took to get to all 30 ballparks and other things along the way, so it really is just missing the journey home. By the way as of now we have traveled 18,225 miles.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 68: Humidity Wins/Upgrading to Kabin

The humidity is miserable here in Florida, so after a miserable mostly sleepless night we decided to just pay the extra and upgrade to a Kabin for the next to nights. We got a wheelchair accessible one even though it is a 2 room instead of 1 and cost more. It is worth it, though, as it is nice and air conditioned. Dad is happy, too since it just started to pour after we got everything to the Kabin except the tent. He still hates a wet tent, but at least he does not have to be in it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 36: Jumping Pillow and Basketball

This morning we are getting a slow start. Dad said he wanted to aim for 9am, but I have it scheduled for 11am. So he is behind what he said as usual, but it is not a big deal. Waiting on him to be ready I went and tried out the jumping pillow they have at this KOA. Later I had Dad take some pictures of me on it.

While Dad was taking a shower I played with Mik. We started by just playing catch with the basketball and him trying to shoot at the hoop they have here, but he cannot even make it half way up to it. Then he decided to play defense against me, as long as I went easy on him. He got pretty good at stealing the ball in mid dribble without even touching me. Every time he got a clean steal I would try a lay up for him. He ended up winning 6 to 5. After 30 minutes and Dad getting back from his shower I was tired out, but he kept wanting to play. He is hoping the next KOA has a basketball court, too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 23: Living in Luxury

Okay, so this KOA has totally redeemed itself at least in customer service versus not the greatest tent accommodations and amenities. The staff her have been some of the friendliest throughout. Today it rained as I mentioned previously. Well, the tent area totally flooded to ankle depth and hence why we ended up with some water in the tent. The water was mostly gone by the time we got back and we just thought it was because we left the tent windows open. All the other tenters moved to cabins earlier this evening and I just assumed they did not want to deal with it, but it turns out some actually complained and even got refunds. As we were getting ready to bundle in for the night and tough it out and it was beginning to sprinkle one of the staff came over and gave us a key to one of the little kabins (its KOA, so everything that starts with a c starts with a k around here). We would have toughed it out and probably moved to the car if water began to get in the tent again, but we sure were not going to pass up a free upgrade.

The kabin is awesome. I love the little front porch swing. We even have electricity. There is a bunk bed and one double bed. I get to sleep on top, Dad is sleeping on the bottom and Mik gets the big bed since he is afraid of falling off and there really is not room for him to be on the floor like he prefers. Mik is happily watching and charging his iPod while sitting at the little built in desk. The WiFi actually works from in the comfort of the kabin. Oh, this is surely living in luxury or at least kamping without the motor home wise it is.

The tent is still up since it was already raining when we got upgraded, but we can get it down tomorrow morning before heading into Denver to try to see the Disney Carol Train Tour before the Rockies game. Then packing up before we leave for Kansas City will be way faster.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 10: Video of the Stove

Mom just e-mailed me asking me how the propane stove was working out for us, since it is a new one we bought right before the trip. Well, the best way to answer is to show it in action in the video I took of it last night. It does work out great, but it is a little dangerous when it first starts up. Dad actually caught the table on fire when we used it yesterday morning for tea, but that did not happen when I videoed it last night.

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Camp Dinner

I pretty much wrote all about having a campfire and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over it last night, but I just had to post about it again because I got some great photos of it last night and mostly of Mik eating.

First one is of Mik being helpful and crumpling newspaper and throwing it into the fire pit. He did two and then said he was done helping and went back to watching NCIS on his iPod.

Next one is of Mik eating the veggie dog.

Below is of Mik eating a roasted marshmallow as a snack while I make pasta for dinner. The pasta was supposed to be a side with the hot dogs, but I forgot to get it going on the propane stove until Mik finished the less than satisfactory tasting veggie dog and reminded me. This is the marshmallow he roasted himself. I tried to take a photo of him roasting it, but he would not let me and then it was soon in his mouth.

Next one is of him eating the pasta. He loves his big orange camping spoon Mom helped pick out before the trip.

Last three are of Mik and Dad eating S’Mores. The first one Mik is eating with milk chocolate and one marshmallow. He made me roast the marshmallow for him as payment for him posing for the photos of him eating S’Mores. The second one Mik is eating is one with two marshmallows roasted by Dad and dark chocolate (I think I have converted him to the dark side!). This one was an oozy mess, but he loved it.

The other photo is of Dad eating a S’More because when Mik got mad at me for photographing him eating pasta and said no more photos of him eating Dad was like well you never take photos of me eating, so now there is a photo of Dad eating. There will be more of Mik despite what he said last night, as I think his main problem was I had to use flash last night and he does not like that, but he is the one who started the whole taking photos of him eating stuff.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 10: Mik watching NCIS in the Tent

Afternoon and evening has been spent relaxing at the KOA. Internet access turned out to be intermittent and we eventually gave up. Dad built a fire and we roasted veggie dogs for dinner. Mik rates them almost as bad as a Dodger dog because they were the tofu pups brand, which were on sale. Should have just paid the $1 extra and stuck with the tried and true Yves ones.

S'mores were a hit, though. The IKEA brand chocolate turned out tasty. Mik even tried the dark chocolate and discovered he likes it. Mik mostly just watched his iPod while dad and I roasted, but he did roast one marshmallow himself. He would not let me take a picture. I did get one of him eating the s'mores, though, and will upload tomorrow, as I am hoping for good AT&T Internet at least when we get on the I5 to Seattle.

After Dad washed the dishes we went up to the Rec Hall, so Mik could charge and watch more NCIS on his iPod. While he did that Dad and I played some ping pong for about an hour. Dad beat me every time, but I got close once losing 19-21. Maybe, there will be one at the next KOA and I can beat him then. At least I know I will challenge him again when we are at Grandpa Kjos'.

Now Mik and I are in the tent. He us watching NCIS in his iPod as seen in the photo in this post. Dad is packing up the car, so that it is just the tent stuff we have to pack up in the morning. We are going to try to hit the road by 8am tomorrow, as we do not want to get into Seattle too late and also want to stop at the Visitor Center in Oregon to take photos since Mik and I have never been to Oregon. Have not been to Washington state ever, either, but we know we will get plenty of photos in Seattle of us.