Monday, April 13, 2009

Countdown to Trip Begins: 26 Days

Today Mik asked how many days until May because once it is May he knew there was only 20 days left of school, which is the day before the true road trip part of the trip begins. He has officially begun to countdown to the trip. It is kind of funny that he is the one to start counting down the days because he has been an almost reluctant part of the trip. He was totally against it when we first proposed it last summer, but he has slowly come around to the idea and is definitely looking forward to completing his mini bat collection with bats from every team and hopefully adding some unique ones to go with his Dbacks World Series and Nationals Inaugural Game part of the collection. He is also excited to be trying the food at the different ballparks, especially pierogis at the Pittsburgh game on his birthday.

Anyways the countdown in Mik's definition begins today with 38 days until the trip begins. In my definition the trip begins with the Dbacks game on May 9, so only 26 days.