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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals - September 29, 2016

Watching the Dbacks at Nats in the rain sure makes us miss when the annual tradition was seeing the Nats at Dbacks at the BOB. At least it didn't get rained out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy 100th Birthday, Wrigley Field!

Since last fall we had been planning to go to a game at Wrigley Field during the 100th Anniversary season.  Mik choose that we go when the Dbacks were in town. We had settled on the Wednesday game of the series since Dad always has Wednesdays off and thus would not have to take as much time off to go.  I did not even realize until looking about when tickets go on sale back in February that we had decided on the actual 100th anniversary date.

We left for the ballpark around 9 a.m. thinking it would be best to get there before it was crowded.  On the way Mik was a little hesitant about us ending up there too early, but in the end we were there by 9:30 a.m. and only a few people from the front of one of the lines in.  By the time we got in the ballpark and were walking up the ramps to our seats we saw the line wrapped around through the parking lot, so it was totally worth getting there early.  Plus, Dad and Mik got the souvenir shopping done at the Cubs store across the street to avoid the small crowded store inside the park.

We also got to check out the Wrigley Field ballpark cake that was on display by the Ernie Banks statue, which was also dressed specially in a Federals jersey.

Once in the ballpark we got our favorite food in the whole MLB - the Northside Twist Pretzel.

We also enjoyed eating the free cupcakes we got on the way into the ballpark.

The weather was not so enjoyable, as it was in the low 40s.  Waiting to get in the park was not bad, as it was in the sun, but once we got to our seats it was cold.  We told Mik he just had to make it to the first pitch as his feet were already cold.

The pregame stuff was kind of interesting with some of the past players (football and baseball) going out on the field and a 1914 ball being used for the ceremonial first pitch.  The coolest thing, though, was seeing Bud Selig.  No, not seeing him down there on the field.  After the pregame ceremony, he walked right by us on his way up to the executive suites.   That made up for us not being able to see the flyover from our seats.

We left after the first pitch as promised, although I have to admit Mik did say he would stay as long as I wanted.  Really, though, he already knew I was also could and I was not going to go back on my promise that we could leave after the first pitch because it cannot be good for him to have his feet so cold when he cannot move around much to stay warm.

We ended up watching the game from the condo.  It was sad to not be there for the Happy Birthday in the fifth and the seventh inning stretch being led from the field, but we would not have noticed the balloon release from our seats.  Seriously, if not for the Bud Selig encounter, I would have totally regretted the seat selection as you also cannot see the scoreboard (the best part of Wrigley!) from the wheelchair row at the top of 208.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mik's Mini Ballplayer Collection: Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy

The Ian Kennedy figure was the first one Mik got for his collection, although he did not decide to really start a collection until he got the Jose Reyes one.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seeing Strasburg Pitch in Nats @ Dbacks Game - August 10, 2012

Nats @ Dbacks, August 10, 2012All year we have been wanting to see a Washington Nationals game with Strasburg pitching.  Earlier this year at the last minute we tried to catch a game in Atlanta on the way to seeing the new Miami ballpark, but by the time we knew the day Strasburg was pitching there were no handicap tickets available to purchase.  Since then Mik and I were desperately hoping he would pitch one of the three games the Nats were at the Dbacks this season.  Mik was really hoping for the bobblehead Saturday game, but finally on Thursday it was confirmed that Strasburg was the pitcher for the Friday game (it was not official, but we unofficially were sure for about a week just by guessing the rotation stayed the same).

Nats @ Dbacks, August 10, 2012
Usually we do not like sitting close to the action because for one it is expensive, but it is also hard to see the whole field and all the action.  However, this time we were mainly going to see a pitcher, so we decided to try and sit in the section that is right next to the visitors dugout.  We sat here right by 1st base years ago when we bought tickets day of game for a last minute decision to see a Cubs game.  That was actually the first time we ever got handicap seats.  Mik loved it back then, although he was too young to now remember ever sitting that close to the game.  Thus, he was not all that excited about the seating I choose because he really wanted to dine in the Arizona Baseball Club instead, as that is the best experience he remembered at Chase Field.

Nats @ Dbacks, August 10, 2012We ended up sitting on the other side of the visitor's dugout (Section GW), which at first I was not sure about, but it actually turned out way cooler, as we were right behind the Nationals on deck circle.  Thus, we really got to see the player's up close during the game, although during batting practice we could see nothing, but their feet viewed by looking underneath the vehicles.  Of course, it was also a great view for watching the pitching.

Getting down to the section was a little confusing with the first elevator we got to have an employee say it would get us were we wanted to go, but we actually had to go to a different one.  At least the elevator operator checked our tickets and sent us in the right direction before we went down to the wrong area.  The actual elevator requires an escort to take you to the section, as you go across the tunnels that lead to the clubhouses.  Once at the section, though, there are restrooms including a family/companion one and it appeared you could have food and drinks delivered to your seat in this area.
Nats @ Dbacks, August 10, 2012

The game itself was pretty good in my opinion, as Strasburg pitched 6 innings and only allowed one hit, although he did walk several batters leading to the one hit allowing a run to score.  Plus, we got to see Bryce Harper.   We ended up leaving right after he did not come back out for the 7th inning, but the Nats went on to win 9 to 1.  Thus, Mik was not so happy with the end result, although he had fun and was glad we left before the Nats scored the last 4 in the 9th and the post-game fireworks.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accessibility Review: Chase Field Section 140

To celebrate the last day of school Dad decided we should go to a Dbacks games, especially since we have not been to one this season. We ended up sitting in the wheelchair row in section 140. It is located behind left field and while you cannot see the scoreboard it does provide a good view of the field and we like this section and the others next to it.

I am not sure if we have ever sat specifically in this section, as Mik was surprised that we did not exactly have the typical ballpark seats, but rather the companion seats were bleacher style. It is actually kind of cool that they are set up that way because it blends in with the rest of the section being bleachers. The only problem with the set up was that we had the end of the section and the wheelchair spot is next to that seat and no way to get out without Mik having to back entirely out of his space. Probably would have been more annoying with the manual chair, as at least with the power one he could back himself out when told it was clear behind him.

This was Mik's first ball game with his power chair. He has not gotten much of a chance to get used to maneuvering it in crowds, so it was good it was a midweek game with somewhat low attendance. He did great and it was a good move towards getting him to at least be ready to give it a shot for parts of Disney World next week. That may not work out well, but at least he is now more comfortable with it and will use it when we go to the new Marlins ballpark on Monday.

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 6, 2011: Arizona Diamondbacks 1 @ Milwaukee Brewers 3

Miller Park
We did not plan to end up going to Miller Park this summer, but we were hanging out in Chicago with nothing planned and realized the Dbacks were playing in Milwaukee.  We called the day before the game and lucked out and got pretty much the last handicap seats and they were even up in the area we wanted to try (434).  It was a Senior and Kid Day, so while the game was not even close to sold out the handicap sections were full.
View from Section 434 Miller Park

After the major rain delay at Target Field, Mik was not entirely up to the idea of another baseball game this summer until I reminded him Miller Park had a roof.  He was all for a Dbacks game, then.   I was also up for adding another ballpark to my MLB at Bat check ins.  Too bad that feature to the app came a year after our All the Ballparks trip, but surprisingly I do have 5 different ballparks now.

The game was overall great, especially with a lead off homer by the Dbacks and the Dbacks ahead most of the game.  Sadly, though the Dbacks lost with the Brewers getting a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 7th.  Even sadder was my Beat the Streak game streak got ended at 8 because Dbacks Stephen Drew struck out all 4 times at bat.  That is just an extra stinky way to end a streak.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arizona Diamonbacks Opening Day 2011: Dbacks beat Reds 13 to 2

Yesterday we went to the Dbacks home opener. Mik was happy to get the lanyard giveaway to replace his red one from last year that is getting kind of dirty looking since he has used it for a year for his school ID.

Chase Field has not changed much, but there is some minor changes. For one, there is a All Star Game signage and merchandise, since the game is at Chase Field this season. Secondly, some of the food vendors have changed. Some might think it is good and to some extent it might be for those that need Gluten-Free stuff (there is now a place just for that), but the pizza is a major downgrade. Forever it has been Peter Piper Pizza (Arizona based chain) and now it is some stupid New York style pizza place. Now I do not know what kind of pizza Peter Piper would be classified as and it is not spectacular, but it is better than the new stuff, which I do not even think is actually New York style pizza.

This year we sat in section 138. The first time we went to opening day we say just two sections over in 140 and boy what a difference that makes. 138 just stinks handicap section wise. If you are lower in the section it would be fine, but at the top you cannot see the scoreboard except a bit of the corner due to the overhang. It even seems worse when the section to the left is obstructed at the top and gets TVs to compensate for no scorebord view. I do not get why 138 and probably 137 does not also get that. 138 also has the foul pole, but I did not mind that. At least you can see the Circle K strikeout meter, though.

I do not know if the problem is 138 area or the sound system being louder this year, but Mik was almost in tears covering his ears and ready to scream when we first got there and the sound system was playing stuff constantly. He has never acted like that at any ballpark before due to sound, especially not one we go to pretty much just because he is the Dbacks fan. It was still loud during the game, but it was not constant sound due to it being quiet during play.

We ended up leaving at the 7th inning stretch because Mik fell asleep and we wanted to get out of the parking garage before they closed if for the post-game fireworks. We missed the big scoring, but heard and saw the fireworks for the homers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Opening Days 2011

This week we got tickets to go to Opening Day at the Arizona Diamondbacks for our third time (2nd year in a row). We also are planning to get tickets to the Tucson Padres opening day on April 15, 2011, but single game tickets are not on sale, yet. Mik was worried the two opening days were the same day and was glad he did not have to choose one or the other, especially considering he knew I would definitely choose the Tucson Padres.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Training in Tucson 2011 - Game 1: Chicago White Sox 12 @ Arizona Diamondbacks 1

Yesterday (March 7, 2011) I went to one of only two spring training games in Tucson this year. It is rather sad that there are only two and that it took a tragedy to get baseball teams to play in Tucson. It is not the same as having actual spring training in Tucson, but better than nothing. Plus, the ballpark is kind of nice looking without advertising all over the place and the only thing on the outfield wall being a 12 retired number type thing honoring Christina-Taylor Green's little league number.

Of course, it is now no longer called Tucson Electric Park and instead Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium. It certainly does not seem like a stadium, but it appears it is mainly used for Pima Community College football since the last of baseball abandoned it last year. However, at least it will be seeing some real baseball this summer with the Padres AAA team (Tucson Padres) being temporary relocated to Tucson while they build a new ballpark in California for the Portland Beavers to be permanently relocated.

The ballpark was its usual spring training mess of long concession lines, but they actually did better than normal. That is actually surprising considering these were mostly new employees and no major events being here in awhile. Definitely, liked that they had a new vendor with stir fry noodles that were vegetarian only, as usually it is just pizza as an option at the Tucson ballparks. I sure hope they keep that vendor for the Padres games this summer.

The game itself was okay. I liked it more than I thought I would because I actually knew several of the players as former Nats including some decent guys, such as Adam Dunn. Of course, the local paper said that it was mostly nobodies playing, but considering I have not followed anything except the Nats the past year and a half I actually knew who several of the players were. Of course, I have also heard of some of the Dbacks since Mik tells me about them occasionally.

The actual action of the game was not that great, but that tends to be what spring training is like and sounds like maybe the teams did not send everyone down to Tucson, which is what partially killed Tucson spring training in the first place. Sure did not make me care for more spring training here with it not seeming like much more than a publicity game, but I kind of like the idea the local sportswriter Greg Hansen wrote about having a game of the week down in Tucson every week of spring training.

I think the turnout shows that the people still like spring training in Tucson. It sucks it was only because of a tragedy that they are even playing any down here this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chase Field: Gonzo Becomes First Dback to Have Number Retired

Finally got the pics from Dad from Mik and him going to the Dbacks game last night (August 7, 2010). They got to see their second number retirement ceremony, as Luis Gonzalez's number 20 became the first true Dback number retired. Technically it is the 2nd number retired, as Jackie Robinson's number 42 is retired from all Major League baseball teams, but that does not really count. I am happy to see that the number 20 is displayed at Chase Field in the classic (yeah, that seems like an odd word to use with such a young team) purple and turquoise.

Above are some pics of the race they now have at Chase Field. I think they call it the Legends Race. It is similar to the Presidents Race at Nationals Park, but instead features Dbacks, such as Randy Johnson and Gonzo.

Here are some more pics of the Gonzo Bobbleheads given out including the normal version and the special Bronze version they got. Even the boxes are pretty cool.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mik Scores Bronze Gonzo Bobblehead at Chase Field

Mik and Dad went to the Dbacks game tonight with some friends. For once, I actually am upholding my not going to Dbacks games due to them moving their spring training to Phoenix vow. However, the real reason I did not go was that I now live in Texas and that makes it quite easy to pass up the temptation to go to along with to a Dbacks game.

Not only did Mik end up with a Luis Gonzalez bobblehead to add to his collection of Bobbleheads (it includes Mark Grace as Dback and Mark Grace as broadcaster by the way), but he ended up with one of the 50 Bronze autographed ones. Totally awesome addition to his collection and of course I am jealous of just the regular Gonzo bobblehead, but I am working on maybe getting to Target Field next weekend and then who will be jealous?

By the way I would like credit for making Dad get the tickets to take Mik to this game, though, as I looked at the promotion schedule at the beginning of the season and saw that there was a Luis Gonzalez (i.e. Gonzo) Bobblehead giveaway and told him right away he had to take Mik to the game.

Note: Dad is supposed to send me more photos and info on the game tomorrow, so I will post some more about their ballpark adventure to keep this blog going with all of our continuing baseball adventures.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Petco Park: Arizona Diamondbacks 1 @ San Diego Padres 12

I did not plan on going to several ballparks this year after going to all 30 last season, but a little over halfway through the season I have been to 3 (Dbacks Opening Day, Nats @ Cubs in April, and then Petco park). Only the Dbacks Opening Day game this season was the three of us, but I am going to still keep updating this blog as I visit and revisit various ballparks and baseball things.

Mik was definitely baseballed out after last season and only planned to go Dbacks opening day and the Luis Gonzalez bobblehead game coming up in August. However, when I told him that the Dbacks were in San Diego when we were there in July, he happily agreed to go to a game. By the way he also got mad at me for saying I might fit in a Twins game in August to check their new ballpark off the been to list. He called last summer the Summer of Hell, but since he has been to the other 29 current ballparks he thinks he might as well visit the 30th.

Anyways back to the main point of this post - Dbacks being slaughtered by the Padres on July 16, 2010, at Petco Park. It was a sad game for Mik the Dbacks fan, but it was still kind of exciting. We have been to Petco Park pretty much every year since it has opened, but yet again we got totally lost because we were sitting in the new All You Can Eat section (not as good as last year and will report in a Mik Food Scrapbook post later).

Petco Park is overall a nice ballpark if you sit in the right parts (i.e. not next to the building), but it is so dang confusing (see my post about getting lost in 2008). Just like in 2008, we wandered in circles for a while, but this time we ended up with a very helpful usher, who was manning the elevator priority, that actually wandered with us some more and eventually got us to the section. He never works the side of the park we were sitting and even he was confused and asked several other ushers before we got to the place. It was greatly appreciated that he put the effort in and figured it out for us. Unfortunately, we did not get to the ballpark until 30 minutes before the game and by the time we got to our seats we had missed the only run the Dbacks ended up scoring that game.

Mik enjoyed seeing his team play, but by the 7th inning he was ready to go (mostly because his team was getting slaughtered). Since it really was his choice of baseball game, I gave in and we left the game in the 8th inning. Amazingly, he did not even take his video game system out of the backpack at this game. I think he is slowly becoming a real baseball spectator and fan, although he will not admit it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kj's Baseball Collection: Dbacks Opening Day 2010

At Opening Day yesterday, I got a souvenir baseball in honor of Opening Day 2010 with the Padres and Dbacks logos. Mik had hoped to find a mini bat, but they did not have one and he settled for a souvenir pin.