Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 10: Video of the Stove

Mom just e-mailed me asking me how the propane stove was working out for us, since it is a new one we bought right before the trip. Well, the best way to answer is to show it in action in the video I took of it last night. It does work out great, but it is a little dangerous when it first starts up. Dad actually caught the table on fire when we used it yesterday morning for tea, but that did not happen when I videoed it last night.

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Camp Dinner

I pretty much wrote all about having a campfire and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over it last night, but I just had to post about it again because I got some great photos of it last night and mostly of Mik eating.

First one is of Mik being helpful and crumpling newspaper and throwing it into the fire pit. He did two and then said he was done helping and went back to watching NCIS on his iPod.

Next one is of Mik eating the veggie dog.

Below is of Mik eating a roasted marshmallow as a snack while I make pasta for dinner. The pasta was supposed to be a side with the hot dogs, but I forgot to get it going on the propane stove until Mik finished the less than satisfactory tasting veggie dog and reminded me. This is the marshmallow he roasted himself. I tried to take a photo of him roasting it, but he would not let me and then it was soon in his mouth.

Next one is of him eating the pasta. He loves his big orange camping spoon Mom helped pick out before the trip.

Last three are of Mik and Dad eating S’Mores. The first one Mik is eating with milk chocolate and one marshmallow. He made me roast the marshmallow for him as payment for him posing for the photos of him eating S’Mores. The second one Mik is eating is one with two marshmallows roasted by Dad and dark chocolate (I think I have converted him to the dark side!). This one was an oozy mess, but he loved it.

The other photo is of Dad eating a S’More because when Mik got mad at me for photographing him eating pasta and said no more photos of him eating Dad was like well you never take photos of me eating, so now there is a photo of Dad eating. There will be more of Mik despite what he said last night, as I think his main problem was I had to use flash last night and he does not like that, but he is the one who started the whole taking photos of him eating stuff.

Day 11: Finally Out of California/Oregon State Line

After nine days in California we have finally left that state. We packed up the tent and finished packing up the car and hit the road around 9am this morning. About an hour into the drive we reached the Oregon border on US Highway 199. They had a pull out so we stopped and took photos with the Welcome to Oregon sign. That is something nice about the US Highways versus the Interstates.

Also, nice about the past few days was driving on the US Highway 101 and all the little towns you actually drive through and not speed past like on the Interstate. Now, however, we are on Interstate 5 and speeding along. That is good for a lot of the trip since we do kind of have to get places at certain times, but the drives on the lesser highways are more interesting. At least the scenery is still nice.

Mik’s Mini Bat Collection: Oakland Athletics

We were early enough to the As game that we went to the team shop before the game, but they did not have any mini bats in there and we only got our sticker from the car in that shop. The guy told us, though, that the program guy in the park had mini bats. Mik did not have a selection to choose from, which is kind of odd since usually there is at least a few colors to choose from and sometimes even different logo designs to choose from. The bat he ended up with is black or dark green (Dad thinks it is black, I think it is dark green) on the top part and natural wood on the bottom part. The logo is a nice Oakland Athletics circle logo with the A in the middle. It might have been the only choice, but it is at least a good looking bat.