Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mik’s Mini Bat Collection: Oakland Athletics

We were early enough to the As game that we went to the team shop before the game, but they did not have any mini bats in there and we only got our sticker from the car in that shop. The guy told us, though, that the program guy in the park had mini bats. Mik did not have a selection to choose from, which is kind of odd since usually there is at least a few colors to choose from and sometimes even different logo designs to choose from. The bat he ended up with is black or dark green (Dad thinks it is black, I think it is dark green) on the top part and natural wood on the bottom part. The logo is a nice Oakland Athletics circle logo with the A in the middle. It might have been the only choice, but it is at least a good looking bat.


Alberto said...

I also have a mini bat collection, do yoy know if there is a place on line where you can get them. Until now the only place I can get them is at the base ball parks or at the team store.

wildcat1001 said...

I do not know of any specific place to get them online. We only collect things as souvenirs from actual places we go. We do not collect our baseball items by buying things online, as we like them to also have a memento aspect to them.