Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 9: Shrine Drive Thru Tree

Today we made several stops as we did the Avenue of the Giants scenic alternate route. One of the main stops was the Shrine Drive Thru Tree, which cost $2 a person to go through. It was totally worth the $6, though, as it was cool that they (Dad and Mik) drove through the tree and they also had some cool tree houses that I went through. Below is the video I took of Dad and Mik driving through the Redwood. Since I was not in the car I did not actually go under it in the car, but I did walk under it and we took a group photo under it seen above.

I enjoyed walking into the treehouses they had made out of Redwood trunks. One had a second floor and I had Dad, who stayed in the car with Mik, take a photo of me looking out the heart window.

The attractions at the Shrine Drive Thru Tree also included a drive on log, which Dad drove up on while I took a photo of the side with the National League team stickers.

Still lots of things to post about from the past few days, since we pretty much had no cell/internet service the whole drive today. At least the campground has great fast free WiFi service. I am going to try to get all the photos caught up on being uploaded tonight, perhaps also a few posts tonight, and probably work on more catching up on posts tomorrow. We are thinking of just doing a short 25 mile drive tour of the nearby Redwoods and nothing major since we basically did the major Redwoods today.

Day 9: Avenue of the Giants

Today we are driving to Crescent City. On the way we are currently taking the scenic alternate path called Avenue of the Giants with several redwood scenic spots and such. Tomorrow was our real day planned for the Redwoods, but we decided to enjoy this other part of the forest farther from the campground today.