Monday, June 1, 2009

Game 7: Baltimore Orioles 1 @ Seattle Mariners 0

Tonight's game was quite quick with a game time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Our seats were decent, although up high at the top of the bleachers in section 194. Not much to say about the game as not much action with only one run by the Orioles (Dad and I were rooting for the home team since we are not American League fans besides me liking the Angels).

The only kind of interesting thing was the Orioles #10 breaking his bat three times. He broke a bat in each of his first three at bats and only did not break one in his fourth and final at bat. I have never seen more than one broken bat in a game much less one guy break three separate bats in one game. What a waste if you ask me.

Might not sound like it was exciting, but it was still an enjoyable game. Mik was well behaved even though the sun made it impossible to play his MLB PSP game. He actually even watched some of the game and he was happy as he was the one rooting for the Orioles.

We are now on the way back to the campground. Tomorrow we plan to get up at 5am to pack up the tent and hit the road by 6am. Staying at campground in Bismark tomorrow.

P.S. Mik said I need to post he got new cargo pants yesterday (not sure if I mentioned in yesterday's shopping post or not) and he wanted Mom to know. He wore then today and they are comfy. He was having a pants problem because Dad only packed him jeans and they were both itchy uncomfy pairs. He has some sweats, but with the cold weather games and him being an Arizona boy he needed another pair of pants so we were not constantly doing laundry.

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