Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 70: KOA Table Cloth Map with All the Ballparks Route

Since the beginning of July we have been getting KOA Picnic Tablecloths at every KOA because we are VIP members. They are really useful because they have elastic to fit onto the table and avoid the need for tablecloth clips. The really cool part, though is that it is a map of the United States and Canada with all the KOA locations. At every place we have used them Dad has been drawing the route of our trip up to the KOA we are at. Now we are at our final KOA and I thought I should share the final one he will probably do. It shows the whole route we took to get to all 30 ballparks and other things along the way, so it really is just missing the journey home. By the way as of now we have traveled 18,225 miles.

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