Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 23: Living in Luxury

Okay, so this KOA has totally redeemed itself at least in customer service versus not the greatest tent accommodations and amenities. The staff her have been some of the friendliest throughout. Today it rained as I mentioned previously. Well, the tent area totally flooded to ankle depth and hence why we ended up with some water in the tent. The water was mostly gone by the time we got back and we just thought it was because we left the tent windows open. All the other tenters moved to cabins earlier this evening and I just assumed they did not want to deal with it, but it turns out some actually complained and even got refunds. As we were getting ready to bundle in for the night and tough it out and it was beginning to sprinkle one of the staff came over and gave us a key to one of the little kabins (its KOA, so everything that starts with a c starts with a k around here). We would have toughed it out and probably moved to the car if water began to get in the tent again, but we sure were not going to pass up a free upgrade.

The kabin is awesome. I love the little front porch swing. We even have electricity. There is a bunk bed and one double bed. I get to sleep on top, Dad is sleeping on the bottom and Mik gets the big bed since he is afraid of falling off and there really is not room for him to be on the floor like he prefers. Mik is happily watching and charging his iPod while sitting at the little built in desk. The WiFi actually works from in the comfort of the kabin. Oh, this is surely living in luxury or at least kamping without the motor home wise it is.

The tent is still up since it was already raining when we got upgraded, but we can get it down tomorrow morning before heading into Denver to try to see the Disney Carol Train Tour before the Rockies game. Then packing up before we leave for Kansas City will be way faster.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, now Mik wants an upgrade to a kabin at all the KOA Kampgrounds!