Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 12: Seattle Mariners 4 @ Colorado Rockies 6

We got to the ballpark not long before the gates opened two hours before the game. More on what we did this morning later. Right before they were to open the gates for the game it started to rain and they let us in and corralled us in the stairwell/elevator area before taking our tickets. We then were let up into the park, but they really only open the bleacher section 2 hours before the game for batting practice, which there was none of since it was pouring by this time. We just waited a half hour for the main concourse to open and go to the Team Shop before going to our seats.

By the time we got to our seats the rain had stopped and the sun came out again. There were a few sprinkles during the game, but mostly pretty good. As soon as we got back to the car, though, it started raining steadily again. Good thing it did not go to the bottom of the 9th or we would have been walking back to the car in the rain or waiting it out with Mik probably yelling at the stadium. Both ends of the game came close to a rain delay, but we got lucky and totally avoided that at least for one more game.

The game was pretty exciting with the Mariners taking an early lead and then the Rockies slowly battling back to go ahead and end up winning. It was also nice to see the Rockies starting pitcher go all nine innings. The past three games of our trip we have seen the Rockies win and the Rockies themselves are on a really hot streak now having 9 wins in a row. Mik kind of wanted them to lose since their hot streak has put them ahead of the Dbacks, but as far as the trip goes he is always happier for the game to end faster and hence the Rockies winning without needing a bottom of the 9th was just as good. I was kind of rooting for the Rockies just because I do not really care about the Mariners and the Rockies were the home team this time. Of course, I liked them beating the Cardinals and Brewers, too, since those teams are in the Cubs division.

Now it is still raining as we are driving back to the KOA. Boy is it nice we have a kabin tonight, too. Hitting the road for Kansas City tomorrow. I am looking forward to Sunday and going to a game that the Rockies are not playing at. It is getting a little boring seeing them when they are not one of our favorite teams. Although, they do spring train at one of my favorite ballparks (Hi Corbett in Tucson)

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Unknown said...

Nice wrap up of game. I really enjoyed the way the Rockies came from behind in the 6th... the faked bunt with full swing to line the ball past 1st base to score the runner from second. Also, the suicide squeeze bunt with the bases loaded to score a run... exciting baseball!