Sunday, June 14, 2009

Accessibility Review: Coors Field

Coors Field may be accessible, but we seemed to have the luck of finding the bad parts to it. First of all we did not park in the field’s parking because we had been downtown since the morning and got all day parking for only $6. When we headed to the field we found out they only open two gates two hours before the game and so we headed to the one near Gate A. We ended up having to go down a bunch of steps as we walked around the park to get to that gate. It turns out that gate is right next to their very large handicap parking lot, so at least if you do park there you are next to the gate that you can go in early. However, at the end of the game we ended up stuck being let out at that level and found out you cannot get to the other side of the field without going up the steps or back into the park to level on the main concourse level. At least they did not mind letting us back in to get to the main concourse to go the direction we needed to go.

Our seats were in section 305. The section has sight line issues that cause you to not be able to see deep right field and some of deep centerfield. At times we could not even see the right fielder because they were playing deep. Also, it seems that must be where the bullpens are located because we sure could not see them from our seats. At least we had a good view of the scoreboard and the bar in front of the section was not too high. Of course, Mik was happy enough with their being cup holders up at his reaching height.

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