Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 26: Failed Attempt to Go to Negro Leagues Museum

This morning for once Dad was ready to go early. Sure when it ends up not counting at all he can manage it. Perhaps because he learned from the other day that in the rushed leaving the cabin he left his computer and camera with his backpack at the kabin and then did not have it all day when we were seeing the Train Tour and Game 12. Anyways we were out of the KOA in Kansas City by 8am this morning and at the museum 30 minutes before we planned to be.

The plan was to go to the Negro Leagues Museum before the Kansas City Royals game this afternoon. When I made the time schedule for the trip back in late April/early May the website said it was closed on Monday the day I originally planned for us to see it and I am certain it also said 9am to 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Well, now it is or perhaps it has always been 12pm to 6pm. Thus we did not go this morning and instead are hanging out at a nearby Panera Bread before the game. We are hoping to go to it after the game, which we are hoping involves no rain delays/postponements as the weather looks yucky yet again.

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