Thursday, June 4, 2009

Accessibility Review: Safeco Field

Parking for Safeco Field was easy to find in the parking lot for Qwest Field (where the city’s NFL team plays) across the street from Safeco. The handicap spots were even located on the side of the parking lot nearest the park, although you do have to take the elevator down a level to be on street level to get to the park. That is a minor inconvenience, as it seemed few actually parked in this lot and the garage has the large passenger elevators.

Our seats were located in section 194, which is part of the centerfield bleachers. We were lined up to go in the gate near our section and about 10 minutes before the park opened to the general public they had us go around to the nearby gate that bypassed the turnstiles. The elevator to the centerfield bleachers handicap seating is then right inside the gate by the stairs that lead up to the seating. Thus getting to the section was quite easy and actually even quite close to the car with that entrance to the park being right across the street from the elevators for the parking garage. The Team Shop, however, was on the other side of the park, but we were there early and took care of that before the park opened like we have done at many of the parks.

The seats in the centerfield bleachers were clearly the cheap seats with the handicap seating literally being right under the scoreboard and actually slightly behind the raised scoreboard. That and they were way high up almost like nosebleed seats, but not quite as high as some of the sections on the baselines. At least the sightlines were not messed up at all and not even by a bar in front of the handicap seating. Mik, however, did not like the seats because we were so high up and the next row was even several feet below us. This might not have been the best, but it seemed the ones in the lower sections probably had the overhang sightline issue that we have so far only encountered at Dodger Stadium, so the more expensive seats are not always the best, especially when it comes to handicap seating being at the back of sections.

There were no cup holders in the handicap bleacher section, but there were not any in the other bleacher section rows either, so Mik at least did not feel left out. However, I do not think he would go for these high seats again if it was his choice.


LisaG said...

I thoroughly enjoyed going to Mariner's game with my elderly parents. We had Charter Club seats in 121 section - right behind the dug out - and had the privilege of parking, elevator access, etc. But, to my wonder and surprise, there was more: Fran, Cindy, Sally, and Michael are amongst the gracious and delightful staff who reached out to make our visit even better than expected. My mother has a hard time with stairs and uses a cane. Our seats were 6 rows back - a long way down the stairs. The staff helped her up and down the stairs. They offered her hand warmers - cold Seattle night. They arranged for a wheel chair to meet her at the top of the stairs. Michael pushed her all the way back to the car. Kudos and gratitude to Fran, Cindky, Sally, and Michael!! May the Safeco Field management recognize and reward you. Sending you best wishes and my gratitude.

Anonymous said...


did you phone in advance to get the support you received? I have tried to call the mariners customer service line 3 times and have had nothing but voicemail and no return call. thanks

wildcat1001 said...

We bought all the tickets over the phone. I cannot remember which we got through Ticketmaster because they handle a lot of parks and once we got tickets for one team they helped us with all the others they handle. Have you tried the Mariners number listed on their ADA page? It is 206-346-4001.