Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 16: Late Night on the Road Again

Plenty of posts coming about today related to Game 8 at the Metrodome and other Minneapolis doings, but currently still trying to get all the photos uploaded to go with them and it is rather slow going. The internet was working great in Minnesota the other night and until we left the Minneapolis area, but since then it has not been that great, although it is still better than the pretty much non-existent service in Montana and North Dakota.

Mik was not all that happy with today and became a pill again. He seems to like being on the road way more than actually being at the places that are the point of the trip. Once we finally got on the road again and out of Minneapolis he returned to his sweet self. He is excited about not sleeping in the tent tonight and sleeping in his comfy spot on the floor of Mom's apartment. Mom just texted us that she just landed in O'Hare, so Mik is now extremely excited about tonight and seeing Mom, too. He even stated that finding out we are for sure seeing Mom (have known for a few days it was a possibility, but for those of you that know her you know it is never for sure she is somewhere until she is actually there) was more exciting than the Lakers (his NBA team) currently ahead of Orlando in Game 1 of the Finals.

About 2 and half more hours until Chicago and I think we are all happy about a night in the apartment. I like tent camping and all, but not when I am also trying to use the Internet and my laptop does not work as a laptop because the battery has not held a charge for over a year. At least we do have a few electric sites further on in the trip including Saturday in St. Louis. Dad, of course, is happy for a night sleeping on sort of a bed.

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