Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 15: Bismark to Minneapolis Area

We did not get to Bismark until almost 5am this morning. It seemed a waste to put the tent up, so we just slept in the car at the campground. We then hit the road again around 10am. We pretty much drove straight through again, except the hour and a half stop at the mall to see the Roger Maris Museum.

We got to the wrong campground around 5:30pm and then ended up having to drive another hour to the south side of Minneapolis to get to the one we actually had the reservation at. I meant to get the reservation at the one we first ended up with, but apparently I accidentally clicked the wrong KOA when I made the reservations. At least this one is still about the same distance from the ballpark and I did not have it mixed up the other way around or we would have been backtracking to the one we first stopped at.

We set up camp and had mac and cheese for dinner. Mik is excited about tomorrow being the first night of the trip we are staying at Mom's apartment in Chicago. Right now he is bugging us to go to bed, so I am going to take him back to the tent and let Dad stay here in the laundry room on his computer.

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