Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baseball Museum 3: Roger Maris Museum

Today (Day 15 of the trip) we visited the Roger Maris Museum located inside a mall in Fargo, North Dakota, as a stop along to way from Bismark to Minneapolis. The museum is a rather simple display of Maris artifacts and memorabilia and a small theater with Yankee Stadium seats from the era Maris was a Yankee. The artifacts on display include uniforms of the four teams Maris played for, Maris' Golden Glove Award for 1960, Maris' two Sultan of Swat Awards for Outstanding batting achievements in 1960 and 1961 (this was the year he hit 61 home runs and broke Babe Ruths 1926 single season record of 60) and several of the home run balls from the year Maris hit 61 including the 60th (the 61st is in the Baseball Hall of Fame).

There really is not much to the museum and it is kind of tucked away in the mall, but it was worth stopping at. Even Mik seemed to enjoy it as he actually turned his PSP off and watched the movies about Maris that were constantly showing in the little theater. He definitely overall enjoyed the stop because he got a Pretzel dog at Pretzelmaker, which he rates the best hot dog he has had on the trip so far and even better than the Wetzel Pretzel one he had at Downtown Disney.

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