Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Safeco Field

Like at pretty much every game so far Mik started his eating at Safeco Field with a hot dog. He rates it one of the better ones he has had on the trip so far. By the way he got a hot dog at a gas station in Montana on the way to Bismark and he said it was the only hot dog worse was the Dodger Dog at least so far.

Dad found a Japanese food place and got me Summer Rolls, which turned out to be okay, but they were mostly filled with lettuce and were very skimpy on the shrimp to the point it almost seemed liked it really was just lettuce. They also came with a spicy sauce that was actually quite flavorless. At that place he also got me some edamame, which was as good as usual, although it would have been nice with some salt. Mik tried the edamame and thought it was too boring and tasteless.

About midway through the game I sent Dad to get Shiskaberries (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick). Dad got this for me and I just had Mik hold it so I could take a photo. At first he said I needed to make sure I noted that he did not actually eat it, but then he ended up being too tempted and had to try it. He through the chocolate was too much and overpowered the strawberries, but that did not keep him for continuing to eye it as I ate it and having several more bites.

The last thing we had at the game was Tropical Tye Dye Dippin Dots. Mik thought it tasted too much like kiwi, which he dislikes, and only had one bite. I thought it mostly tasted like orange. I thought it was good, but rainbow ice is still my favorite Dippin Dot flavor.

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