Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mik's Food Scrapbook: PetCo Park

Since we sat in the All You Can Eat section Mik did a lot of eating at PetCo Park. The only food we had to go to another section to buy was the trademark food, fish tacos, and Dippin' Dots in the mini helmet. It certainly was a great deal since the tickets were not that much more expensive than the cheapest handicap seats without the All You Can Eat option.

Mik started with nachos. He says that was his favorite item he tried at the PetCo Park. They were basically just regular nachos, but they were good.

Next Mik moved on to a hot dog. I even had two veggie dogs. Mik liked the hot dog.

I had Dad get me Dippin Dots to get my mini helmet for the Padres. I ate a little of it before Mik decided he wanted Dippin Dots and I let him finish it off so Dad did not have to go back down and buy another. He declared it nothing special since Dippin Dots are at several sports venues, but still good.

Next Mik had his fish taco. He was disappointed in it. He says the fish was good, but he did not like that it was made with a corn tortilla and cabbage instead of lettuce.

From the All You Can Eat section we had some ice cream treats. It was kind of chilly at the game, but it is hard to pass up "free" ice cream. Dad had an Eskimo Pie, I had a Drumstick, and Mik had an ice cream sandwich.

The one other thing we tried was the popcorn. It was good popcorn. Even Dad did not think it was too salty.

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