Saturday, May 23, 2009

Accessibility Review: PetCo Park

PetCo Park can be a pain in the butt with a wheelchair if you do not know where you are going. Last summer we ended up having to go up and down a bunch of elevators before finally go up one of the long ramps to the section. That section happened to be one over from the one we sat at last night. This time we had no problem, though, because the ticket taker actually asked us if we knew where we needed to go and when we said no she gave us very clear instructions.

To get to 229 we just had to walk straight along the Park in the Park area behind the outfield to the first elevator under the stands. It is actually a very straight shot from where we entered the park by the Team Shop. Last time, though, we ended up in the first elevator by the Team Shop and then on a Club Level, where you cannot go through if you do not have tickets for that level and just keep getting crap round and round directions to our seats.

The seats in 229 were good. They are up above some rows in the section, but you cannot even tell there are any below you. The view of the field is also very good since the bar in front of the seating is low enough not to be in the line of sight. Plus the location was great for being on the other side of the wall from the bathrooms and the concession stand, which being an All You Can Eat section we kept sending Dad back to to get food and soda.

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