Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 4: Mik Chilling Before We Leave for Game

We left San Diego around noon today after Mik had to go to Best Buy to
get the movie Cars, which ended up being on sale with a free poster.
Drive up to Anaheim was good with only one little slow spot on I5. Mik
enjoyed stopping at Del Taco for lunch.

We got checked into our first of only two hotels we are staying at
during the trip. We can see Angel Stadium off in the distance from
our room, but that stadium is not on the plan until Monday. We are,
however, seeing the Angels at the Dodgers tonight. We are chilling in
the room for now and plan to leave for Game 3 in about half an hour.

Will try to get the posts for today's ballpark and game tonight done
on the drive back to the hotel. There will not be any time for it in
tomorrow morning like there was today, as we are heading to Disneyland
early to celebrate Dad's 50th birthday tomorrow.

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Steve and Alex said...

We were driving to LA from San Diego today and noticed your car with the web address, so we checked out the site when we got in. I think it's a great idea and I hope you guys have a terrific time. We'll be following the blog.