Sunday, May 31, 2009

Game 6: Mik Rolling Over Barry Bonds

Now that I finally got all the photos from going to the Giants game uploaded, I can finally share the funny story of Mik rolling over Barry Bonds. Outside AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, there are some plaques in the ground along the side that is on the water. The plaques represent major achievements by the Giants such as hosting the All Star game, and mostly different home run number achievements accomplished by Barry Bonds. Mik dislikes Barry Bonds and to show his distaste he decided to roll over Barry Bonds plaques as a sign of disrespect, I guess. The first one he rolled over was the one commemorating Barry Bonds breaking the single season home run record. The other one Mik rolled over was the one commemorating Barry Bonds breaking the all time home run record.


Unknown said...

I think he was trying to find the asterisk by each plaque.

wildcat1001 said...

Yeah, I think that is what the first photo is of when he is looking at the ground. The second is just him joyfully rolling over Barry.

Anonymous said...

6w* saw the roadmobile tonight at Safeco. I'm jealous.

westcoastcreature said...

Sorry, my post is supposed to say:

61* I saw your roadmobile at Safeco. I wish I could go with you.

I admire Mik for rolling over Barry. I would too.