Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Accessibility Review: Nationals Park Section 320

Date of Visit: June 14, 2016

Ever since Dad's been working at the Capitol, we've mostly picked the games to go to based on when they do group tickets. This time Dad noticed that the Cubs were in town and the Tuesday game was $1 ice cream, so he asked me if I wanted to go on Sunday when they were doing group tickets or go on our own Tuesday. Since Mik was interested and a night game was more appealing to me summer weather wise, we got tickets for Tuesday.

First thing Mik really liked about going to the game was that we now live in walking distance of Nationals Park and don't have to deal with the crowded Metro (or potential delays...).

Mik thought the view from section 320 was great because you could see the whole field easily. However, he did not like that it was in the sun until about an hour into the game. Next time he wants to get seats on the 300 level on the third base side.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nationals Park: Star Wars Day

Mik had been wanting the R2D2 can cooler since he saw about the promotion, but neither of us wanted to do a Sunday afternoon game in the summer. Dad and I did end up going, though, but I didn't even realize it was the Star Wars Day game when he asked if I wanted to go to the game that day because his work was doing group tickets again. With the upper 90s feels like 105 to 110 heat advisory, I seriously thought we'd just get the can coolers and not stay long, but it ended up not being too bad up in the shade in 416. And it wasn't too bad of a game until the top of the 9th.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mik's Food Scrapbook: Throwin' Cheese at Nationals Park

Mik was excited to try out the new Thrown' Cheese place at Nationals Park. He did almost give up on trying it after seeing it was the only place with a line and the line didn't really seem to move when we got in it. However, we still had at least an hour to waste before even the pregame stuff started and it was certainly better wasting time in line for food than trying to go to the Team Store on Opening Day.

The line actually wasn't that long when we got in it (probably about 10 people in front of us), but it did take at least 15 minutes to get to the front and then after ordering and paying we still had to wait at least another 10 to 15 minutes to get Mik's sandwich. They definitely aren't that efficient, yet, but they did pretty good considering it was a new venue and Opening Day. Also, it was still better than what I remember all the concessions were like on the park's first exhibition game and Opening Day in 2008.

Mik ordered the Triple Play, which is a grilled cheese made with three different cheeses. He really enjoyed it and the chips that came with it.

He also tried the mac and cheese that I ordered, which we finished while waiting for his food. He thought it was a little too salty. Also, it wasn't hot or really even warm and it's not like we waited to eat until we got to our seats.

Accessibility Review: Nationals Park Section 201

Finally planned ahead enough to get tickets on the other side of the park, although still didn't manage to be able to get Gallery Level despite trying during presale (couldn't get anything) and as soon as all Opening Day tickets went on sale. It was a toss up on whether it was the way to go as Opening Day can sometimes be on the cooler side and being on the sunny side of the park in our usual choice in Right Field Terrace can be good. However, it ended up being very nice Opening Day weather in the 70s and being on the shady side worked out good.

Mik has now declared this section as his favorite as you can see the whole field (part of right field is obstructed from Right Field Terrace) and you can also see the scoreboard easier. Still noisier speaker wise than Right Field Terrace, but not bad like when we sat on the Field Level concourse for Opening Day last year.

The cup holders were even more convenient for him in this section as they are at about his knee level rather than being almost on the ground.

The only thing that makes Right Field Terrace still preferable other than it being much cheaper is that no one can crowd around you there as that area has the wheelchair seating separated from the concourse as well as the rest of the section. Section 201 is like most other wheelchair sections in that it is at the top of the section and on the concourse. Not that big of a deal and certainly was not as crowded as Field Level, but it is kind of nice that you don't have to worry much about getting in and out of your spot the way the section is in Right Field Terrace, which is one of the reasons Mik is glad he didn't decide on his powerchair for this game (mainly was about the crowds on the Metro, though).

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Accessibility Review: Nationals Park Section 230

On Monday, June 30, Mik and I went to the Rockies @ Nats game because it was Bryce Harper bobblehead day.  It was Mik's first experience taking his power chair to Nationals Park and he did great other than he really needs work on his backwards driving skills for navigating the Metro, especially the elevators, but I'm sure after a few more months of living here he'll get the hang of it.

Since we got there before they opened up the all the sections, we spent some time in the outfield concourse.  Mik enjoyed checking out the heights of the pitchers that they have on the one parking garage.  Also, we are looking forward to that area becoming a team store and hoping it ends up more spacious and thus more accessible compared to the current one.

Overall Mik liked the seats in Section 230.  Of course, any ballpark with cup holders makes him happy even though these are a little low for him to easily use himself.  The view is good other than some of deep right field is obstructed.  The main thing he didn't like is that it is in the sun and it was a somewhat hot and humid day.  However, the fact that the speakers aren't nearby and it is thus quieter than sitting in the concourse sections makes him still prefer this area over the others we have tried before.  Plus, these seats are almost the cheapest possible (actually, were the cheapest when I got around to buying tickets the day before the game).

Next time, I think I will try to get the actual cheapest over in the upper outfield gallery because those are on the shady side.  Also, maybe next time Mik will actually get around to trying some ballpark food besides the Boardwalk Fries because yet again that is what he wanted first and then the lines were crazy and it was hot, so we decided to go home rather than get anything else.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mik's Mini Ballplayer Collection: Wrigley Field 100 Year Anniversary

Earlier this month I was browsing the shop to see what mini ballplayer Mik might choose when we went to the Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary game and found that they actually had a special 100 Year figure.  We decided to just order it online and not have to worry about finding it at the ballpark since we barely found Screech at the Nats Opening Day due to the crowded Team Store.  Mik and Dad didn't have to deal with a crowded store since we were so early to the game, but they did find out that they were out of stock of the 100 Year figures and they currently are only available online anyways.

The 100 Year Anniversary Figure not only has the logo on the jersey and hat, but it also has it on the home plate base.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kj's Baseball Collection: Wrigley Field 100 Years Brick and Ivy

I probably wouldn't have got this ball if I had gone into the store with Mik and Dad, but better they got too many than nothing.  It seems I have a bunch of Wrigley ones with the brick wall and ivy design.  They are all slightly different and having one for the 100th Year of Wrigley is cool to go with the others, I guess.  I just like the official ball better.