Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kj’s Baseball Collection: Cristian Guzman Autograph

One of the things we were given as part of our unique experience at the Nationals Park was a baseball signed by Cristian Guzman. The ball is an official unused one that Cristian Guzman signed on one side. There may be no design to the ball, but the autograph makes it much more special than any design ball. It is my favorite ball of the trip and it will go great next to my favorite ball in my collection back home. The favorite ball I have ever gotten is one my mom’s friend got signed by Jon Rauch for me. That ball has the Nationals Park Inaugural Season logo on it and Jon Rauch was the winning pitcher for the Inaugural Game at the park and I was at that game. Now I have a ball signed by the player that got the first hit and scored the first run at Nationals Park in that same game.

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