Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Game 28: Boston Red Sox 1 @ Texas Rangers 3

Today we drove up to Arlington, Texas from Houston. The KOA we are staying at here is very near the ballpark, so we set up camp before the game. We then headed to the game after a few hours relaxing in the lounge at the KOA.

We got to Rangers Park at Arlington about 45 minutes before it opened. We walked around a little outside before just getting in line to wait for the gates to open. It was a little crazy going into the park with a lot of kids there for Autograph Wednesdays and rushing to be in line for that. That and some little league tournament had a bunch of teams there.

After getting into the park we walked around a little and stopped at one of the team shops. We then ended up going up to the seats we had tickets for in section 344. We got to those and Mik was so disappointed in the view of right field being blocked. Other than that they seemed fine, but we did not end up staying there long because we ended up with another surprise upgrade.

We ended up sitting on the 3rd base side in section 18. The view of the field was way better and we also could see the scoreboard. We also got goodie bags that included Rangers ballcaps, Rangers batting helmets, autographed cards, stickers, magnet schedules, 2009-2010 calenders, and Rangers circle logo pennants.

The game was kind of long considering the rather minimal scoring, but it was a good game with the home team Rangers winning. The Red Sox took the lead first with their one and only run, which was a home run in the top of the 3rd. The Rangers tied it up with a homer in the bottom of the 3rd. They got the lead with two runs scored in the bottom of the 4th and then that was the end of the scoring plays in the game. One of the most interesting plays, though occurred in the bottom of the 5th when one of the Rangers got out because he was hit by the ball his teammate hit while avoiding his teammate's broken bat. Mik was happy to see Papelbon come on and pitch an inning for the Red Sox.

Overall an enjoyable game experience. There sure were a lot of Red Sox fans, but the Rangers fans were still obviously there and cheering for their team, which does not always happen when teams like the Red Sox play. The hot humidity of Arlington is not as bad as Houston, but boy is the Astros park much more comfortable with it's AC. At least the Rangers Park does have it's own uniqueness with the feel of old ballpark architecture that is helped by the lack of a massive jumbotron. Sure they have a decent scoreboard, but it only has a small part of it is a screen for the video stuff and they keep the bottom as the box score all the time.

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