Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 66: Mik Barely Caught in Another Nats Shirt

I got away without Mik noticing me take a photo of him in a Nats shirt yesterday. Today, though, when Dad ended up putting the other Nats shirt we got on him because he got his Dbacks shirt dirty, Mik caught me taking the photo with my phone. I still got the photo, though. He actually does not mind wearing this shirt because it basically just has Teddy on the front and the Nats logo is just a Curly W on the back, which you cannot really see when he is sitting in his wheelchair anyways. He just did not want to be photographed, but I did it anyways and am sharing the photo despite his threat to punch me in the face because I think the t-shirt is cool and he punched me anyways (not in the face, though).

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