Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mik's Mini Bat Collection: Comerica Park

I just posted about the Orange Detroit Tigers bat Mik got at Comerica Park. He got that one because he does not have a logo one for the Tigers and it looked cool. He also spotted this one of Comerica Park. He asked me to choose which one he should get and I just told him he could get both, since I was also in the same predicament trying to choose between two balls and was leaning towards getting both. It certainly was not fair for me to end up with my two balls and still make him choose only one bat, so we both got two things at Comerica Park.

The Comerica Park mini bat is natural on the bottom and has a brick design background on the top. On the brick design is an oval image of the park that has Comerica above the image and Park below the image. It is a lot like Mik's Wrigley Field bat.

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