Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kj's Baseball Collection: Tigers 1984 World Series Champions 25th Anniversary

One of the two baseballs I got at Comerica Park was a 25th Anniversary one. This ball commemorates the Tigers winning their last World Series in 1984 when they triumphed over the Padres. The ball has a 25th Anniversary logo that says World Series Champions in a ribbon above the 25 and a ribbon that says 1984 and 20099 with a Detroit Tigers D logo in the middle. On one strip of the ball their is a SD Padres logo on one side, a little version of the 25th logo in the middle, and a Tigers D logo on the other side. Opposite the big 25th logo is World Series 1984 logo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have the same baseball and I would like to ask on how much the baseball is worth?