Monday, June 22, 2009

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Wrigley Field

At Wrigley Field Mik had a pulled pork sandwich and some fries. We found out right as we ordered that concessions are 25% the first hour the park is opened and we barely got the discount by 1 minute. Mik liked the sandwich, although it was a little messy. It had onions on it and he would have liked it better without the onions. He did like the fries, but he was full by the time he was done with his sandwich, so he did not eat many of them.

At the game I got a Northside Twist Giant Soft Pretzel. It was a $15 pretzel, but it was totally worth the price. Now this is actual a jumbo pretzel that lives up to and actually exceeds its giant name. It comes in a pizza box and could easily be enough for at least two people. We only ate about a third of it at the game and took the rest back to the apartment to snack on later (it reheats great by the way). Mik thought it was a little too salty, but he thought that was better than the not salty ones we have encountered. It comes with three sauces. I think you can get one of each of their options, but we just got the frosting type one because the other options included something spicy and nacho type cheese, which I do not like with pretzels. This pretzel definitely rates as the best pretzel in the MLB. Even though we still have 13 parks to go to, I highly doubt anything can beat this pretzel.

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Unknown said...

This comes 'standard' with three dipping sauces: nacho cheese, spicy mustard, and creamy cinnamon. I asked to swap for all creamy cinnamon because I know my children would not like the other two.