Monday, June 22, 2009

Mik’s Food Scrapbook: Skyline Chili

Today on the way from Louisville to Pittsburgh we yet again drove through Cincinnati (by the way we also looked for the third time to try and find a Reds sticker for the car and yet again ended up empty handed, so it just is not going to happen). Dad saw an exit sign list Skyline Chili, so we ended up stopping for an early lunch.

Mik had a cheese Coney like he had at Great American Ballpark. This time he got it without the onions and the mustard and it was way better in his opinion. He also tried the three way (chili, cheese, and spaghetti). He enjoyed it, but only ate about half since he ate the cheese Coney first. He was even too full to try the cheese fries I got despite how good they looked to him and how good they did taste since they had shredded cheese on them and not crappy liquid cheese.

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