Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 33: Father's Day and Birthday Shopping

After the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory we went and had Father's Day dinner at Red Lobster. It is the first time we have gone to a sit down restaurant on the trip other than the little cafe in the Avenue of the Giants. Mik really enjoyed it, as he loves the cheesy biscuits and the various shrimp dishes.

After dinner we went to Toys R Us. I have been trying to find time to get Mik his birthday present since the game came out earlier this month, but we have not had a convenient chance to stop until today. I got him Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for the PSP. He also found a $10 DS baseball game that I ended up getting him, since it goes in theme with the trip. I also bought a two disc DVD set of the Angels in the Outfield and Angels in the Infield movies. Once at the campground Mik and I watched the Angels in the Outfield movie since it is one of the few times we have electricity at the campsite.

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