Monday, May 25, 2009

Mik's Food Scrapbook: Dodger Stadium

Since we could not locate what at least used to be the trademark food at Dodger Stadium according to the 2004 guidebook Mik just settled for a Dodger Dog. It turned out to not be that good and while it looks long and big it really is just a thin stretched out hot dog.

After his hot dog he enjoyed the fried in a helmet. The mini helmet the fries are in is about twice as big as the ice cream ones. He declared the fries delicious and since they were unique in being the first time we have seen them in a helmet it is the trademark food as far as he is concerned. At first he was not going to share, but there were a lot and they were filling, so I got to finish them up and I agree they were good fries.

Mik did not have the parfait, but it seemed worth mentioning in the food review post for Dodger Stadium because it is not often you see this kind of thing at ballparks and it was not like it was a simple small one like McDonalds does. This one had strawberries, granola that included sunflower seeds and other stuff, and dried cranberries. It was overall really good, but with all the stuff in it it really could have used more yogurt, as in the end there really was not much yogurt around the strawberries on the bottom.

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