Monday, May 25, 2009

Accessibility Review: Dodger Stadium

At Dodger Stadium we sat in section 162. The parking was very conveniently located right outside the entrance to the stadium and section 162 was straight ahead from the entrance, so in that respect it was convenient. However, for game enjoyability the seats were not that great. First off you have the concrete of the sections above in the line of sight, which I am not used to because we usually sit in the highest section, but they do not seem to have handicap seats in those sections at Dodger Stadium. Secondly the seats are not raised above the section below like at the other ballparks we have been to so far, so the people in front easily block the view, which is really sad for those in wheelchairs because they cannot just stand up to look over the people. This became an even bigger problem when the game went into extra innings and everyone was standing up to see the game. Lastly we could not see the scoreboard, but that is mostly just a function of the particular section.

Now those are just minimal things that potentially you deal with in regular seats, too, and I could deal with the seats if that was it, but it was not the only problems. One of the major things Mik pointed out as discriminatory was that the handicap seats have no cup holders. Sure some ballparks do not have cup holders in any of the seats, but here they do except for those in the handicap row (see below for seats in front of us that had them and then the seats right in front of us have none). The other issue is the area we sat in is basically treated like a standing room area. It is totally annoying to have people crowded all around you as if standing to view a parade or something.

Basically it was a horrible seating experience, especially since we paid more for these tickets than the great All You Can Eat ones at the Padres. If they had been cheap section tickets I can see dealing with it also being a standing room area, but these were not the cheap seats at all. I do not think they were officially standing room, but the fans treated it that way and there were no ushers anywhere near by to shoo them away.

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