Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mik’s Mini Bat Collection: Nolan Ryan

At the Nolan Ryan Exhibit Center Mik got what I like to call a medium bat. It is not exactly a mini bat because it is longer than all the others. Even the fat ones (Cincinnati Reds and All the Ballparks Road Trip ones) are the same length as the regular souvenir mini bats. This one however is the normal thickness at the top, but it longer than normal. The reason for it being longer is because it has Nolan Ryan and four stats engraved on it.

The bat has a Nolan Ryan signature engraved in the middle of four accomplishments. The two accomplishments to the left of the signature are 324 Wins and 7 No-Hitters. The two accomplishments to the right are 5,714 Strikeouts and Hall of Fame 1999.

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