Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 56: World of Coca Cola Souvenirs

I already posted about Mik’s mini bat souvenir and my baseball souvenir from the World of Coca Cola, but I thought the rest of our souvenirs deserved their own post rather than just being with the post about visiting the World of Coca Cola. Most of the items we got were Coca Cola bottles, but we also got a few other things.

One of the other things we got were two baseball design Coca Cola pins. I was just going to get one, but when we were checking out they said they were buy one get one free, so I sent Dad back to get Mik one so we both have a baseball pin from the World of Coca Cola.

The other non-bottle thing Mik got was a little keychain flashlight. It is actually a really cool flashlight. It has the image of a Coca Cola bottle in the middle of the light. It is not just the shape of the bottle, but also the color of it. Mik totally loves his flashlight and it has already entertained him for at least an hour. I just hope it can have its batteries easily replaced.

The bottles we got at the World of Coca Cola include two aluminum ones and a six pack of glass bottle ones with special plastic wrap designs. The two aluminum ones we got are a Classic Coca Cola and a Diet Coke. Those two were meant for Mik and I to drink. The six pack we choose six of the wrapped design bottles. I got one with a summer design that says Coca Cola Summertime, one that says World of Coca Cola Atlanta with art of what the museum looks like from the outside, one with Santa Christmas design, and one that says Coca Cola Atlanta. Mik choose one that is black and says Love Enjoy Drink Coca Cola with Enjoy and Drink crossed out. The sixth one we got has an American flag design, which we got for Mom. Had she been with us we would have got her one of the Happy Birthday ones, since we went there on her birthday.

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