Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some of Mik’s Photos of the Trip

Dad downloaded photos from Mik’s camera the other day and e-mailed me the ones he thought were good. Mik has not taken much since he spends most of his time just playing his PSP, but he had some good ones on his camera. It includes some Dad took of Mik.

The first is of Mik throwing a fit outside AT&T Park as he got inpatient waiting for the park to open.

The next two are ones he took in the Redwoods when we went on the Stout Grove Trail.

The last two are from when we went on the Christmas Carol Train Tour. They are both from the end of the train. The first is of Dad and me and the last one is of Mik trying to roll away while Dad takes a photo of him by the fireplace. Mik was not happy about Dad using his camera that day because that was the day Dad forgot his at the kabin.

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