Friday, June 19, 2009

Mik's Food Scrapbook: Progressive Field

When we got to the park the only area open was the concessions near the Heritage Park Hall of Fame in outfield concourse. It did have some good food options, though. Mik got a cheeseburger combo meal. It came with a cheeseburger, waffle fries, and a large souvenir cup drink for $11.25. Mik declared it his favorite meal at a ballpark so far. The great food options, which also in other areas included fried fish and popcorn shrimp with fries and Moose Tracks ice cream and Orange Sorbet helmet sundaes, is part of why Mik declared Progressive Field his favorite ballpark on the trip so far. He was too full to even get around to trying the other things, but he did like that there were plenty of great options to choose from.

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