Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 36: Niagara Falls at Night

Yesterday we got to the KOA in the Niagara Falls area around 5pm. Mik and I then tried to use the Internet while Dad set up camp, but we found it to be pretty slow. While eating dinner we looked at the pamphlets of things to do in the area to try to decide what to do today. We found out that they light the falls up from 9pm to midnight, so we decided to go to Niagara Falls last night, since the plan of using the Internet was just going to be frustrating.

Going at night turned out to be the best way to see the Falls or at least we assume. We got there around 8pm and it was still light, so we did at least get a day time view from the American side. Plus, parking at the falls was free on both the American and Canadian side at night, so we saved almost $30 on parking. Oh, and we saved $3 going to the Observation Deck by the American Falls since it was also after the hours they charge for you to go out on it. Lastly, the crowds were pretty low, especially by the time we went to Canada at 10pm.

We started at the Niagara Falls State Park and going out on the Observation Deck. There we took some day time photos and photos of us with the American Falls in the background. I also took some video of the falls, but I am not even going to try to upload that on the slow connection here, as it is hard enough getting my photos uploaded. Next time we have good Internet I will try to remember to upload a few of the videos of the falls.

After the Observation Deck we walked over to the island to see the Horseshoe Falls from the American side. The American side is kind of a cool up close and personal view of the falls. I kind of liked this experience better than the Canadian side, although so many say the Canadian side is the best. I did enjoy that side for taking photos of the falls, but just for viewing and experiencing it up close on the American side is better. It was a little crowded down at this area and a policeman tried to scratch his car against Mik’s wheelchair and was just plain rude as he rushed down when we were coming up, but overall it was a good place to walk out to.

By the time we done at the American side of Horseshoe Falls the falls were all lit up. It was hard to get photos there because of the low light conditions, so when we got over to the Canadian side next I took out my tripod to get some photos of the falls lit up at night. The view on the Canadian side ended up being great for taking photos of the falls lit up, especially since there were very few people there. I got some great photos of the falls lit up different colors and even used night portrait mode to get some of Dad and I with the falls in the background (Mik was asleep by this point, so none of him).

The night outing to the Falls ended up being a great way to do it and personally we got enough of the experience that we are not going to go again today. Dad kind of still wanted to do the boat ride, but instead we had a relaxing morning and are going to head towards Buffalo to see some other interesting things I found to do in the pamphlets. Besides the only interesting things left near Niagara Falls (a movies wax museum and Hershey Store) are on the Canadian side and it is not worth going over there again until we head to Toronto tomorrow.

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