Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mik's Food Scrapbook: Angel Stadium

Mik's main meal at Angel Stadium was chicken tenders from Ruby's Diner. Mik says they were not very good.

At Ruby' Diner he has had a vanilla shake. They technically only offer the Vanilla Caramel shake, which I got, but they easily accommodate making that as just a vanilla shake. Mik thought the shake was okay, but he did not like that it was impossible for him to suck through the straw. I did drink my vanilla caramel one through the straw, but it definitely takes some sucking power.

Dad got the Barbecue Beef Brisket Sandwich at the Beach Pit BBQ and I had a burrito from Angelitos. Dad liked the sandwich, but it was a little dry. Mik seemed to like the bite of it he tried, but he is kind of partial towards liking chicken more than beef. The burrito was good and like the shake they were accommodating making it. They make it fresh and asked since I wanted without meat if I wanted extra of some of the other ingredients and Dad had them add more cheese.

Mik also had some nachos, but I forgot to photograph those. He said those were good, but there was a lot of them. The nachos can come with a lot of toppings, such as meat, but Mik had them with just the cheese. In the end they would have been a better meal option than the chicken tenders.

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