Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Game 6: Atlanta Braves 3 @ San Francisco Giants 6

We were several hours early for the Giants game at AT&T Park. So early that parking was not technically open, but nothing kept you from going in. Ended up with a parking pass from scalpers instead of waiting around for parking staff to come around to collect money. We then went to the Giants team store to get our souvenirs and walked around the outside of the park before waiting another half hour for the gates to open.

We were again in the bleacher section, but this time with specific seats. Mik got another Major League Baseball from someone who caught several during batting practice. The seats were in front of the scoreboard, so not the best in that regards, but pretty cool nonetheless because we were right up against the wall in right field and no fans in front. No cup holders, but Mik did not feel left out because none of the bleachers had them.

Mik rooted for the Braves because the Giants are in the Dbacks division and I rooted for the Giants because the Braves are in the Nats division. Dad just wanted to see Randy Johnson pitch a decent game. It was an okay pitching outing from Johnson, but we have seen better from him as a Dback. So really only I got what I wanted with the Giants winning 6 to 3. The best play to see was the Giants getting a run by stealing home.

Now we are on the road back to the campground in Petaluma. Tomorrow is a relaxed driving day to the campground in Crescent City. Hopefully I can get some catching up on the extra posts then. Mik is hoping for an early evening arrival at the campground, so he can catch up on some of his shows using Dad's computer and the Wifi at the campground and have a campfire to roast marshmallows and have S'Mores.

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