Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2: Finally on the Road

Despite Day 1 of the trip being almost two weeks ago today is the second day of the trip, although also kind of the first real day as now we have actually left Tucson and are not returning until August. Originally I had planned that we leave somewhat early in the morning for the drive to San Diego, but Mik had his baclofen pump refill appointment at 12:30pm today to top off before the trip and to be good to go until his appointment for a refill in the Boston area in July.

We were going to leave town straight from the appointment, but that did not quite work out. It was pouring raining and Dad was slow at loading the last stuff because he was sort of trying to wait it out. Then we thought we were on our way to stop at Eegee's and Gamestop before the appointment, but Dad forgot his wallet. Better before than later down the road, though. We did at least still get to Eegee's before the appointment because we were all hungry and Mik got his promised last chance for the Flavor of the Month, Orange Dream, which is his favorite Eegee's flavor, before the trip. He was afraid it was going to be the flavor in June or July and he was going to miss it this year.

There was not time for Gamestop on the way, so we stopped there after the appointment. Originally Mik was just going to return his used game that he bought last night because he did not like it. Then on the way to the appointment he discovered his DS Lite was broken with a big black pressure spot in the top screen. Thus we ended up all going in so he could look into getting a replacement. Dad ended up getting him a used one as an early birthday present. Mik then used his return and some more of his saved up money to buy four DS games and one PSP game to be stocked up for at least the beginning of the trip. I also got one DS game to use some of my Gamestop credit I had and then let Dad use the rest of the credit towards Mik's new DS.

After Gamestop we finally officially hit the road for the trip at 1:40pm. We are now just getting on the I8 towards San Diego. So glad the trip has finally really begun.

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