Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 10: More Redwoods

This morning we got a somewhat early start around 8am. We started by going into Crescent City to the Redwood National Park Information Center. We had to wait a little while for it to be 9am and it to open. There I got my National Park passport stamped. We then headed out to the point to see the Battery Point Lighthouse, but it was not very impressive with all the morning fog.

We then drove the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park on a loop near the campground. The loop was about 25 miles, which is only a little shorter than the loop we did yesterday, but this loop just had a few trail stops. We only stopped at the Smith Grove Trail, which was one of two wheelchair accessible trails. It was barely accessible with a steep hill down to it and a few spots the wheelchair barely got through, but overall not too bad. It was a fun trail and Mik even left his PSP and DS in the car and only took his camera on the trail. He has had the privilege lately of taking his PSP, DS, or iPod at all the stops since he has been good, but for once he choose to leave them all in the car and actually notice the big trees.

We got done with the drive around 11:30am and headed back to Crescent City to get some groceries for dinner. We then headed back to the campground to do some Internet stuff, which only includes getting this post for me, as I promised Mik my computer so he can catch up on watching some of his shows. Tonight we are doing veggie dogs and roasting marshmallows on the campfire.

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