Monday, May 11, 2009

Mik's Food Scrapbook: Chase Field

At Chase Field Mik tried the meatball sandwich from Hungry Hill Sandwiches, which is supposedly the trademark food restaurant for Chase Field, but the guidebook is 5 years old and the food service here changed drastically after it went from being the BOB to being Chase Field. Mik liked the sandwich, but he only ate part of it because it was filling.

The other food item he tried was a Jolly Rancher slushie, since it was something he never heard of before. He sent Dad to get it and did not request a flavor, so he ended up with Green Apple, which he does not like as a flavor anyways and would have chosen Cherry if he had gone to choose. He says even if the flavor was good he would not rate it very high because it was a very liquidy slushie and not very frozen.

Accessibilty Review: Play Ball Exhibit at Mesa Historical Museum

The Play Ball Exhibit is located inside the Mesa Historical Museum. The first accessible thing we noted was the lack of any handicap parking. There might be another parking lot for the museum, but in front the sort of street parking does not have any handicap spots. It worked out fine, though, since it was not crowded and there was easy to park so that there was space to get the wheelchair on the side of the car for Dad to get Mik into it.

The Museum's main entrance is several stairs, but they clearly have a sign that points to the ramp on the right side of the building that leads to the side entrance. Once inside you are in a hallway that the museum's exhibits are in rooms off of. About halfway down the hall is the info desk, where you pay admission ($5 for adults, $4 over 65, $3 ages 3-12, and free under 3).

The whole museum is located on one level, so very accessible. The Play Ball exhibit and the other exhibits we went into (did not do it all, though) all had plenty of room for the wheelchair to navigate through. The Play Ball exhibit even had some Knotholes at an eye level that Mik could easily look through. The other main part of the exhibit Mik cared about was the interactive exhibit playing the Backyard Baseball on the Wii. The controllers were located in an easy to reach spot for him and since it was not actually a sensor bar important game it worked out fine for him. To start the game after turning the system on, however, you did have to aim it higher and from farther back then was easy for him to do.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kj's Baseball Collection: '09 World Baseball Classic

In the '09 World Baseball Classic section of merchandise at the Dbacks Team Shop I found two baseballs that were only $1. I could not decide which to get and since they were only $1 each I just got both. One just has the '09 World Baseball Classic logo on a plain white baseball. This one comes with a little stand, but it is actually just a pathetic very thin plastic packaging type stand. The other is an image baseball with an image of the logo, a trophy, and the flags of participating countries.

Mik's Mini Bat Collection: '09 World Baseball Classic

Mik did not really even expect to get one bat at the Dbacks game, as he already has a lot of Dbacks mini bats, but he did find a new Dbacks one. We also found a section of on sale leftover '09 World Baseball Classic merchandise. In the section they had a mini bat for only $1, which we could not pass up. The bat has the World Baseball Classic logo, flags of participating teams, and a R Rawlings logo (note: I think this is his first Rawlings mini bat, as most if not all of the others are Louisville Slugger brand).

Kj's Baseball Collection: Home of Your Dbacks

My baseball from visiting the Arizona Diamondbacks's Chase Field is an image one with a street map of the downtown Phoenix area. It has a big star where Chase Field is located with the label Chase Field. It also oddly has the nearby U.S. Airways Center (I think this is the basketball arena) identified in big letters. There are other landmarks noted with small dots and lettering, but the U.S. Airways is identified in the same big lettering as Chase Field despite having a small dot. The ball says Home of Your Dbacks in the middle of the Map. One side has a black D logo and the other has a red A Diamondbacks logo.

Mik's Mini Bat Collection: Black Dbacks

There were no mini bats at the Play Ball exhibit, so Mik's first bat from the All the Ballparks trip was from the Dbacks game. He already has a lot of Dbacks mini bats, but he found one with a different Dbacks logo than any he has and it is black, which is a color he did not have in his Dbacks collection yet. The mini bat has a silver Louisville Slugger logo and a red A Dbacks logo with Diamondbacks written below it.

Kj's Baseball Collection: Play Ball

The first baseball I got for my collection on the All the Ballparks trip was from the Mesa Historical Museum. The ball has the logo of the Play Ball: The Cactus League Experience Logo on it. It says the name of the exhibit and Mesa Historical Museum. Other than that on one side it is just a plain white baseball.