Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 48: Morristown National Park

When I originally made the itinerary for the trip we were going to go to the Sports Museum of America in New York City today, however, it has since closed. Thus instead we avoided the big city and stayed in New Jersey today. We headed to the Morristown National Park in Morristown, New Jersey.

There is not that much to see at Morristown National Park or at least not things that are accessible. I really expected more since the building by the Ford Mansion says that it is a museum, but it really is just one room with colonial period objects. Yeah, interesting, but not much different than the stuff I have seen in Alexandria, Virginia, and at least in Alexandria they have things they knew were used by George Washington and not just things that might have been.

It was not a total waste as it is still cool to see the historic site, but it is kind of sad when the highlight is walking along the stones in the ground that show where the outline of Fort Nonsense once stood. I guess it might be a good place to visit if you go inside Ford Mansion, but it was not worth doing since Mik could not go inside the house. Of course, I understand it not being accessible due to it being from the 1700s and I see nothing wrong with keeping its historical accuracy by not adding accessibility. You know what would be cool, though. A movie tour of the house as an alternative experience like the Finding Nemo Submarine ride at Disneyland has (not that we ever have seen that, though). They do have a movie reenactment type thing at the museum and the Jockey Hollow Visitor Center, but seriously reading about the time period is way more entertaining than those videos. Anyways what really got me tired of the place was that after stopping at a few of the stops it seemed all the signs got to be very repetitive.

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